Thursday, February 9, 2012

DaGMT Day 9 - "Playing With Blocks"

WOOOOOOO HOOOOO! Today I have most of my Scrappy New Year blocks in house and I could finally start really playing and choosing my faves for the TWO quilts I will be whipping up using all of these babies. While I am still waiting on a few more participants, I just really couldn't wait any longer to show you the ones that have made the cut so far.
This first group, in no particular order and looking just so out of place against my rug, is the "cool" group I have chosen for my full/double sized layout and will likely be on the cover of the pattern. I need just 4 more blocks to get the 22 that I need for the layout, and I feel certain they will be here within days. Maybe even moments, as the mail could be here any minute. How much do we love these? They are like lollipops, springtime, flowers, and happiness all in one.
This next group, which looks slightly better against my rug, represents those blocks that were my faves in the warm pallete. While I normally work in brights and contemporary fabrics, these group projects serve to challenge me to work outside of my comfort zone and these blocks are speaking to me to whip them into a lap size setting which will use 18 blocks. So I am hopeful 8 more are in my future, because I probably don't have enough scraps to make 8 more in these colorways. These just scream fall, hayrides, hot cocoa, pumpkin picking, and best of all Back to School to me.

If you participated, sent me the blocks, and don't think you see one of yours in one of these groups, please let me know. I will search my envelopes and make sure I didn't miss you!

You have all made my lives so much easier by helping to create these newest quilts. Are you feeling like you work for the EPQD sweat shop? I hope the fun you've had will offset that somewhat and you won't report me to the authorities. I love all the notes I am getting in with the blocks and am so amazed that not one negative comment has come my way regarding the making of them. Wow. Maybe I'm good at this design stuff after all.

I am SO excited and you must allow me to get back to my machine to start adding my other mysterious touches that will make these into my new pattern!

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Deb said...

I mailed mine a week ago and don't think I see them - maybe they didn't make it all the way from California yet? Pics of the fabrics are here:

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