Saturday, February 11, 2012

DaGMT Day 11 - "Really? No one commented on how awesome yesterday's title was?"

Or maybe none of your husbands tend to refer to themselves as being in the process of "kicking a$$ and taking names" as frequently as mine. I was so impressed with myself I'm thisclose to naming the pattern "Kicking Scraps", but perhaps I am my only fan.

I'm thrilled to report that moving the sewing machine to the Auxiliary Studio was a huge success as far as allowing me to actually get things accomplished today as compared to last weekend. It was not a huge success as far as keeping the main floor of the house looking neat and tidy, but let's not kid ourselves. It rarely is anyway.

No photos today of my progress. I'd like to hope I can have much of a top completed by tomorrow which will be much more exciting to post a photo of. But there has been much chain piecing and block creation for this baby sized scrappy quilt, and I even got some help from my firstborn, who has discovered that cutting apart my chain pieced segments before I press them is for some reason highly exciting. I'll take help any way I can get it, so whatever.

I also spent part of today with the girls at Orchard House in Concord MA, home of The Alcott family, for two reasons: 1. Eva eats history like it is part of the food pyramid, and she was claiming starvation, and 2. We agreed to show Ike Laroue a good time.

Tonight it's out to dinner with friends and hopefully some more scrap kickin' tomorrow. Work with me, hotties. Make me believe it's a good name.


Anonymous said...

I love the name- go for it!!!


Laura Ann said...

i like it too.. :)

Corinne said...

I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying your DaGMT challenge. Am I participating? No. Wish I could! But your creative blogs relating your progress have got me ROTFLMAO (hope I got that right). Keep it up Beth!!!

Marianne said...

It's a good name IF you don't have to explain it. HAHA! I like it even without a double entendre.

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