Friday, June 20, 2014

Attitude is everything

It's June 20, and the onslaught begins in two hours. I don't know if it is the relative maturity of my children (I know, oxymoron at its finest) or a calendar of well spaced plans in front of us or all the gin and tonics I have been enjoying at cocktail hour, but this year I'm ready. Summer will rock. I say it, and therefore it is so.

It is always good to be as prepared as possible for any eventuality, though, and to that end I whipped this sign up this morning after the big girls had left the building. Greta noticed it on her way out the door and I actually got a "Mom, that was a great idea!" out of her. We'll see if it helps. Thank you, Pinterest.

My list of EPQD summer projects is also looking well spaced and manageable. Talk to me in a month and see if I still feel the same. While there is never enough time to accomplish everything I want to, staying realistic is key and I feel like I might actually enter September this year feeling like I am not hopelessly behind. 

Basically, here's my list:

1. Secret plans I refuse to divulge because I will likely be rejected soundly and then I will just be embarassed.
2. Get Quilty Pleasures blog post done for Goose Poop. My reveal day is 7/11. May the poop be with you.
3. Smack these HST blocks into quilt/new pattern for my new lecture, debuting in May 2015, about my Scrap Squad experiences and consequent inspirations.

4. Finish quilting this sucker.
Also, a lint brush would be a good idea.
5. Send this Modern Instabee block to its new owner. Remember to make time for July and August blocks too.

I'm not adding "lint roll design wall" to the list. We all know I won't do it anyway.
6. Scrap Squad project #4 will be due in September or maybe late August. It's a doozy, but an attractive doozy, and I plan to do some out of the box things to it. My main concern is that I need to remember to work on it as it hasn't been started and therefore is not lying in pieces all over my sewing room reminding/taunting me every time I walk in of its very existence.

7. If time permits, get top done for this, even though I'm all annoyed that the idea I had for this quilt just showed up in a new book. Great minds, not enough ways to set circle blocks, I guess. So it's back to the design drawing board as far as what I am going to do with these blocks.

Hi pretty and coordinating with my blocks toes.
7. Various marketing sorts of things to stay on top of or I'll be dead in the water in September. Or more accurately, January.

Now taking the over/unders on whether I will do it all without scaring my children with my crazy.

Again, talk to me in September, but attitude is everything.

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