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Pearls of Wisdom From the June Hottie Hotseater, Linda Pearl

 Please join me in welcoming June's Hottie in the Hotseat, Linda Pearl of The Patchwork Pearl. Linda does a little bit of lots of different things in the industry including bus trips, retreats, and pattern design and is the mistress of the online quilting newsletter "Cornerstones." Linda also has the notable distinction of being the one other person who joined our guild along with me on a fateful night in May of 1999. Let's meet Linda!

Name:  Linda Pearl
Business Name/Title: The Patchwork Pearl
Location:  Nashua NH
# Years in Business:  Full time, 3 years.
Current Quilt project: Can be store or business project if you prefer
I have several going at once, what good quilter doesn't? In all honesty, the current project is an original design of mine which is going on the front of a  postcard to be stuffed into bags for upcoming shows, highlighting my new consumer based website,  Tomorrow, it's most likely going to be something else.

lWhat is the furthest shop you have ever visited from your home? Would you go back?
Who knew Linda had a cowgirl side? - BH
Answer:  That would be the shops in Las Vegas - and there are several of them.  A particular favorite of mine is Quiltique in Henderson.  I love visiting shops when I travel - you get a real flavor for the area, because shop owners will buy what sells...If that means Florida, you get Florida colors and tropics. In Vegas, you do get the always popular dice and Elvis prints, but you also get some amazing Southwest fabrics. My all time favorite fabric came from Vegas...I have a lot of it and I take it out to gaze lovingly at it every now and then. I just haven't figured out what pattern to make with it yet.  I'll visit any shop at any time - I'm thinking that fabric is a universal language.
·   If I came to your house unannounced, could you give me a tour of your studio, or would it be such a disaster you would make up an excuse as to why we couldn’t go in?

Unfortunately I know this look all too well. - BH
Answer:  Quilters always welcome. And cats. My studio is either neat as a pin or don't step on that pile in the middle of the floor messy. I don't seem to be able to strike a happy medium...on the one day a year (usually around New Years) it's clean, that seems to unleash the creative dervish in me, and I'm off to the races again. My 'sewing room' or 'studio' is a combination of office and studio, so there are times that there are spreadsheets on the cutting table, and fabric on the laptop. I usually start by trying to put them back into the appropriate sides of the room.
One thing that complicates the messiness is that a lot of the time, I'm out and about at shows or shops, and the bags just need to be completely unpacked. I'm still dealing with Market hangover.   But sure, come on over...I've yet to see your studio. (I'm assuming she's talking to me, here, although maybe she's inviting herself to tour yours as well. - BH)

·       Question 3 What is your favorite meal to feed your family when you are desperately trying to meet a deadline?
Answer:  I'm lucky that I'm an empty nester, so I don't have little ones to feed or to entertain. I hate arriving at 5 PM and having to figure out what's for dinner.  I love my crockpot. Pizza is always a default for hubby, but since I've gone gluten free, not so much for me. Working from home allows me to take a break for at least enough time to have a healthy salad for me. My days of existing on chocolate and sugar when deadlines come are behind me. I'm much more likely to wake up super early and get at it.
·    Three things on your quilting bucket list

1. OK, here's where I combine two of your questions into one - the nerdy thing and the bucket list.  I  have a presentation I do for guilds called the Ten Quilters you should know and why. One person many quilters don't know is Karey Bresenhan...Ms. Bresenhan is the force behind Quilts, Inc - which gives us Markets and Festivals. I would love a chance to sit and talk with her about the changes she's seen - and where she sees the industry going.  I actually had a moment at Spring Market where I saw her in a hotel lobby. I admit it, I turned into a total geek and just about swooned.  I am working on getting the guts up to approach her. I have a long runway. I'd love to do Market in Houston...I'm not sure it's in the cards for me this year, but it's definitely something on my radar.
2. I'm fascinated with secondary patterns that develop with patterns such as winding way or the storm at sea quilts. I'd like to take one of those for my next big quilt and interpret it with today's fabric. 

3.  Last year, I made my husband a quilt to celebrate our 35th anniversary. It's a queen sized Carpenter's Star quilt, which he loved. I was actually able to surprise him, which was the best part of the whole thing for me. This year, we bought a king sized mattress - so I'm going back to the drawing board again. The Carpenter's star is on the bed, and it makes a nice runner. Got any ideas?

This is quite beautiful in person as well!  - BH
  Are you more likely to sing or to dance while quilting?
I'm not a great dancer by any stretch of the imagination, but when I need to get cranking on a project, I do like to turn on my ipod. I don't intend to sing, it just comes out...and there may be a little hip swaying going on  - I'll never tell.
I do happen to think that Aretha Franklin is the perfect person to quilt to.

Thank you, Linda, for agreeing to feel the burn! Visit her at and

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