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Small Sewn Gifts - Taming the Mane Tamers

Small Sewn Gifts ReannaLily Designs

My friend Jen Eskridge is hosting a "Small Sewn Gifts" linkup party/sewing extravaganza here in blogland, and I decided to participate today, even though I'm not the best at 3D sewing and wasn't sure if I could come up with a project and tutorial. But a trip around the house on a recent Saturday morning was all the inspiration I needed. (Note: the linkup part isn't officially until December 12 - 19, but this project will be part of it.)

Join me as I take you on a tour of my home, littered with hair accessories due to three daughters who are slobs.
Ponytail holders on the kitchen counter. Angel Grandma is turning over in her grave.

No, that is not a small mouse on the mug rug. It is one of Paige's bun wraps.

Pile of crap on the stairs.

Powder room sink

Seriously? Hanging on the doorknob? To MY room?
While we all know who the culprit is when it comes to having left most of these treasures for me to find - Paige, who wears 5-6 ponytail holders at a time as she wants it "really tight" and then when she gets home the pain from having her hair stretching her face back all day in a poor woman's facelift causes her to remove them and drop them where she stands or sits or whatever - none of the children are innocent. I could show you photos of their bathroom really at any given time and it is knee deep in hair crap.

So I decided to whip up a hanging organizer for them which can be conveniently located in the bathroom. Will it magically fix the problem of Paige being a slovenly hair accessory owner? Of course not. But it was a cute quick project and is one more thing to wrap up under the tree, so I'll share it with you.
I give you the Mane Tamer Tamer

What you need:

3/4 yard fabric
**13.5" x 36" piece of fusible stabilizer (optional, but I'd use it next time)
1-2 yards ribbon (is it just me, or does ribbon never go as far as you expect it will in sewing projects?)
buttons for embellishment (optional)

What you do:

Prepare to cut fabric to 27" x 36" (Press out creases, even up edges, place on cutting mat, etc)
Realize your rotary cutter is missing. Find it under your fabric. (This step may be eliminated if you wish.)

Fold fabric right sides together, so that piece now measures 13.5" x 36"
**Special note: After I completed this project, I realized it would have benefited from a layer of fusible interfacing, but as I am lazy, I didn't redo it. You might want to add interfacing, and if so, fuse it to one wrong side of your fabric "envelope" now.

Sew around all three open sides using a 1/4" seam, and leave a small opening for turning at the bottom (one of the short sides).

Turn right side out and press along seams to make it flat and pretty. Admire the gunk left from numerous fusible web projects on my pressing area cover.

Pin ribbon to the bottom edge of the piece (the one containing the open seam). Be sure your opening edges are tucked in to make it look like it is shut.

Sew ribbon on, using a decorative stitch. The width of a decorative stitch will allow you to both sew on the ribbon and close the seam properly at the same time. I love being lazy and you will too.

Continue decorative stitch all the way around the piece. Be sure to use the same thread in the bobbin and the top as if you don't, in the next step it will be terribly obvious. Or don't. I really don't care and I am not judging you, nor will I likely ever see your project. I used a teal, lime, and yellow variegated that could not have been more perfect. Depending upon what stitch you have chosen, this might well be the part of the project that takes you the longest.

Fold up the bottom of the piece so that the ribbon is about 5" below the top of the piece. Pin in place. DO NOT SEW ANYTHING.

Mark a pencil line 6" down from the ribbon. Carefully cut JUST THE TOP LAYER OF THE PIECE along the line. I don't mean to be yelling at you with these all cap moments, but I don't want you to be yelling at me later, so it's the best way to get and hold your attention.

Pull the cut edges apart. Pin ribbon onto the cut edge that will form the lower pouch and sew it on JUST THAT EDGE, NOT THROUGH THE WHOLE PROJECT (again, sorry to yell) as you did before for the bottom edge the first time around. This is kind of like your new bottom edge when it is unfolded anyway, no?

Now fold the newly beribboned edge back up to about 3-4" below the raw edge of the top pocket. Pin in place.

Sew the bottom pouch along the edges, using the same decorative seam because it is just easier than switching the machine to straight stitch and it looks prettier. I do it about 1/2" in from the first decorative stitching.

Now head back up to that raw edge on the top pouch and turn that baby under a little. Pin.

Decorative stitch it down.

Decorative stitch along the sides, just like you did for the bottom pouch.
Split the top pouch into 1/3 and 2/3 width pouches. Or don't. I thought two smaller pouches on top would be great for different sized hair doodles.
Sew buttons on edges of pouches and a ribbon with buttons on the top for hanging. Collect hair doodles from all around the housel and put them in the pouches. Threaten children with dish duty on Thanksgiving if they don't use it properly.

I'll be sure to report on the success of the Mane Tamer Tamer actually keeping the hair doodles off the doorknobs.


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I hope it works (it's cute enough!!). My 22 year old still leaves a trail of bobby pins when she visits...

Jeneta said...

Another hilarious post and one that I can totally relate to! I LOVE the fabric you used. My favourite photo is the hairy mug rug. I was reading your post on my ipad and at first glance I thought the mug rug was wearing a clump of I've-just-cleaned-my-hair-brush-hair. But you probably don't get those! Not that I'm admitting to having found any of those in my house. Ever.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

What a cute, clever, and functional gift. You crack me up. I am guilty of throwing hair ties all over the house too. *hangs head in shame haha

I spot my mug rug :)

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