Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Small Package Fun

Another blog hop with giveaways is over, and once again I am blown away by the number of entries. I must be giving away good stuff. Or possibly you are just all really greedy. Either way, I am so happy to have had so many of you join us here at the Haven, too. I hope our relationship will be one of quilty excitment forever and ever.

The RNG told me the magic number is 24, which translates to an entry from LittleHouseontheDairy, which I am hoping against hope will soon be a blog because as a child of the 70s/80s who would have become an Ingalls girl in a second, I'm in love with the blog name already. And as someone who just before sitting down to write this post made my annual peanut butter pie with chocolate ganache (Yes. It is all you believe it to be and more. Trust me.), her favorite Thanksgiving food entry of "Chocolate pie! Yum." really resonates with me. Congratulations!

For those of us who are avid online shoppers, 'tis the season of piles of packages at the door, and here in my little corner of Hottiedom the onslaught has begun. Two packages arrived in the last 24 hours that made me exceptionally happy, because they were both for ME and both fabric-related.

First, my Round Robin in a Day! Or week! Who cares?!  Mine was one of the quilts that was not finished in a timely manner during our day of fun last week, but obviously was pretty close as I received it in the mail yesterday. And looky there! The tree fabric I love got used! I love it. So so cool.

It would look perfect in my daughters' bedroom, but they don't want it. Losers. But more for me.
 Also, I may have mentioned that Lemon Tree Fabrics is less than three miles from my house. No? Well consider it mentioned. I did a little shopping at midnight last night and got an email at 8am that my order was ready. Since they are less than three miles from my house, I prefer to save postage by picking it up and maybe getting to see the basement fabric store again each time. So I also have in my possession these babies:
I've got a little Modern Christmas something up my sleeve.
But before we get to Christmas in earnest, I'd be remiss in allowing Thanksgiving, by far my favorite holiday, to go by without thanking two very important entities. First, a huge thank you for taking a chance on me and a welcome to Fat Quarter Shop, who signed on this week to become my first official blog sponsor. To me they are the original online quilt shop and I just love that we're teaming up to bring even more fun to quilting. Their pretty new logo graces the top left column of QHH, but here it is again so you can admire and head on over and stuff your own stocking. Or am I the only one who has to do that?
And finally, the most important entity I have to thank - you hotties. QHH has grown and expanded and in many ways exploded this year for me, and without your readership, commentership, encouragementship, and friendship, I'd just be some random chick putting random thoughts out there into cyberspace for no reason. So thank you for coming along with me!

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble stitch stitch stitch.


Gill said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner!!

tubakk said...

Please take a look at my last blogpost. I'll send you a mail tomorrow.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Am I considered a Hottie? LOL Happy Thanksgiving!

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