Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If Quilts Could Talk

"Giiiiiiiiirrrrrrl! That yellow background is hot! You are looking FINE today!"

"Oh, stop. I can't compete with those red highlights you've got going on in that green and purple colorway, sister! And you! You with the pinks and blues all over your fine new frock. You look ten years younger!"

"Bless your heart. I must say I always have looked good in blue. But now Sunny over there.....those oranges are to die for."

I really need to not blog while punchy. But I also had to show you this photo, sent to me today by Kate Sussman, who made my Garden's Gate pattern in a class recently. I love how these quilts all look like they are standing around at a cocktail party and apparently the lateness of the hour compelled me to write them a script.

With luck my silliness will not stop others from sending photos of my finished designs. I truly do love seeing them and this really made my day!


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

bahhaha~they do look like they are standing around at a cocktail party! so cool that you received that picture! and that they all made them in a class. :D i think you should write more quilt scripts!

Anonymous said...

Definitely salt on the rim. :-)

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