Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This blog post brought to you by Summer Playground

We made it to day 10 of summer break before I had to resort to a morning of paid entertainment for the children. Thank you, Pepperell Recreation Department for allowing some refreshing and renewing separation between parent and child if only for a few hours.

It also provided opportunity for me to finish my second block in the "Aiming for Accuracy" challenge. I may rename it the "Reaffirming my Conviction that Accuracy is not Everything" challenge. Not that I am finding my cutting less than stellar or anything.

Yep. There's the Daisy petal, still not attached to the Daisy vest! But the block is cute.

Overall this was a fun block to make, and quite straightforward. However, and you know with me there is always a however, as I mentioned in post about my first block, I think my troubles with accuracy stem much more from my cutting than my piecing. Since I am one of those people who wrongly relies on the lines on my mat to cut my pieces, this time I tried cutting on the back of my mat, using only the ruler as a guide.

It kind of sucked, truthfully.

Not only did the mat/ruler combo keep slipping due to the fact that the reverse side of the mat is not conveniently all scuffed up from use, but the pinwheely block portions shown start with a 7" square. I can't cut a 7" square with just my 6 x 24 ruler and an unlined mat, can I? The answer is no. I am not magical, and cannot. So although I tried something new, it didn't work out for me as well as I might have hoped.

In good and not so grumpy news, though, I do think this block is quite adorbs. Especially because I was intelligent enough to replace the fabric I originally chose for the center and outer squares. Because this:

What was I thinking? I blame the 2000% humidity.

with the pink was embarrassingly, completely, appallingly awful. I was excited to find the gray/pink colorway of this same print in my pile, and enjoyed using the directional trees in the block.

So two down, lots more to go!


A.G. Lindsay said...

Oh Beth, you are too funny. (BTW, you CAN use a 6 x 24 ruler to cut a 7" block, but it's easier to use the 6x12 one...)

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Very pretty block! I'm finding that I'm using my 8-1/2" square ruler and my 15-1/2" square ruler for most of this project so far. Also, you can get a product called Clear Grip to put on your ruler so it does not slip around-it's great! Once you get used to using your ruler instead of your mat, you will love the cutting out as the rulers are so much more accurate. I'm waiting patiently (NOT) for the next block to come out!

Living with the Lioness said...

I agree with A.G. about cutting a 7" block with a 6" ruler ... done it before myself

and yes, the first fabric choice .. .I would blame it on the humidity as well

Jeneta said...

I love your red trees, but , yes, good call changing them. Let them be the star of another block! I laughed when I read about resorting to paid entertainment. We are currently on a two and a half week school break and I think my children are sick of tidying their sock drawer, dusting the piano or writing letters to relatives!

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