Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phoomph.....There it is! and other midweek excitment

We're just phoomphing along over here in hottieland this week. I have to say, I'm so happy with how my Phoomphing Experimental Art Quilt is coming out, so you get a little sneaky peek.

After a few fits and starts, Phoomph and I became good buddies and I was able to combine some scraps and some covered buttons into these way cute pinwheel flowers.

I cannot resist a covered button.

I love how the pinwheel really shows off the awesomeness of Phoomph; not only are the flowers obviously quite three dimensional as they are practically leaping off the screen at you (please duck so as to avoid eye injury if necessary), but this was the best shape I could come up with for showing off the fabrics on BOTH sides of the Phoomph.

I am now as tired of saying Phoomph as you are of hearing it. The name has not yet grown on me and probably never will,

Another photo just to show the cuteness.
And a final close up of the three dimensional leaves that I accidentally made last week. (Tutorial here if you missed it.)

It's just that sometimes I impress myself and I just can't help but show off a little. No worries though, it is pretty rare.
I have a couple of ideas about what I might do with this artsy quilt, so I won't be showing you the whole thing. I'll let you know what happens to it, should it end up doing something other than residing in the UFO bin. I hope the suspense won't keep anyone up at night.

While we are looking at jewel toned quilts or extreme close ups thereof, check out this "Kickin' Stash" quilt that Quiltwoman.com posted on their Facebook page yesterday, made by a happy and satisfied quilter:

It's like the crown jewels escaped and formed themselves into this gorgeous quilt!
 Now I will be the first to admit that I don't give a lot of time or energy to a quilt backing. I know I am SUPPOSED to care if it looks at least somewhat coordinated, but often it just comes down to what I have on hand. However, I do get that it can be so very exciting when a backing is just plain perfection, and I think we can all agree that the backing this quilter used on her KS quilt is Uh-Maize-Ing.
I'd have liked to see her happy dance when she found this fabric.
I am so glad she sent me a photo of both the front and the back! That was a first, but it was very much worth it. Please remember to send photos of your completed projects to the pattern designers. We really do love seeing them and I have yet to receive a photo I don't fawn all over, which is always good for a chuckle or two while you try to figure out if I am serious or not. (I am. I'm one of those people who when I love something, I love it with my whole self.)

Since making the commitment last week to forget trying to fit in with the modern mods and design what I want to in my own style, I've felt a renewed sense of fun in the studio. I've also decided that even though Perfection is and Always Will be Overrated, improving oneself is always in style. To that end, I have joined the Aiming For Accuracy Quiltalong on the Quilting Gallery blog. This will be my first quiltalong ever, and I am hoping to be able to spell quiltalong correctly by the end. Quilt-a-long? Quilt-along? Quiltalong? It remains to be seen.

We'll be making this sampler, which is likely to be a testament to how many seams I can pull out in one project because for the love of all that is holy, thems some POINTS, hotties.

This quilt will either make me a point pro or push me further into the "fun over fuss" camp than anyone has ever dared travel.

The blocks are made from 24 fat quarters, and I'm torn between two color schemes. First, I have this stack o' fat quarters I got at Sample Spree from Riley Blake.


  • Would make a cute Christmas throw, which I have always wanted but never found time to make.
  • There are actually 24 fat quarters.
  • Fabric would get used rather than sit around for the next two years only to be given away or sold.


  • I don't love these fabrics and am not sure why I bought them other than Sample Spree can do that to you.
  • Therefore, they don't excite me.

Second, I have these:


  • Jewel tones fit my style much better. 
  • Batiks are forgiving to work with as they don't fray easily, and will make excellent points.
  • Black background would look awesome.


  • I already own 9000 jewel toned quilts.
  • Afraid my quilt won't look all that different from the sample
  • I have to buy more fabric to get to 24.

So, which fabrics would you go with, and why? I promise to take all comments under careful advisement as I make my decision.


Sharon said...

Well, the first choice would kill two birds with one FQ bundle - they are definitely (not enough red for me).

The second batch would look beautiful - but I'm partial to batiks!

Either one will be a challenge - oiy the points!

Living with the Lioness said...

Honestly ... .I can see where at least half of the more retro prints would actually complement nicely with most of the batiks .... why not combine them?

The batiks will give you more POP but the print will give the eye a place to rest and a softer background. Plus if you combine them with black I think they really could work together. What is the pattern you are considering?

Living with the Lioness said...

WHOOPS .. never mind .. just re-read and saw the pattern.

I still think a combination of both would work .. especially with the black

DianneVV said...

Jewels and batiks - need 24 - just beg and gravel and bribe your closest quilting friends and you just might end up with 48 !!!! :-)

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Oh please oh please make the Christmas throw. I have to admit when you showed those to me when we collapsed in the corner by the door of Sample Spree to rest for a minute, I was in shock as I thought those fabrics are so not you. But you bought them anyway.. you were pushing your envelope, and now you have a chance to kill two birds with one stone, and there are 24.. it's a SIGN!!!! And those are perfect for a cute, whimsical holiday throw. :D There you have it.. my honest o-pinion. hehe

LongmontJeni said...

Christmas fabrics. If you don't love the finished quilt, it's a great gift.

Jeneta said...

I'm with Kelli - definitely the Christmas throw. Just do it. And maybe never do another one (but do it anyway!)! It's always good not to have to buy fabric to supplement (you'll be able to get more Phoomph - it really is a ridiculous name isn't it?).

Hanke said...

I would choose the first one, because sometimes you are surprised when you use fabrics you don't like so much. I would like to see a picture of the finished quilt :-) Success!

tich said...

Jewel tones and black - bliss!!

Lisa Lisa said...

The first bundle would be my choice, just because I love those fabrics! And they're so Christmasy! BUT you should go with the fabrics that you love because you may never finish the quilt if you're using fabrics you don't love :/

cyndiofthevortex said...

First of all, your pinwheels totally rock. Sometimes I think you are a quilting genius, but don't let that go to your head. Second, as soon as I saw that sampler I thought, "How nice that would look in jewel tone batiks!" But then what doesn't look good in jewel tone batiks, right? Hence your 9000 of them. Go for the bright and leave the light fabrics behind! They'll be good another day, another quilt.

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