Monday, June 10, 2013

Kelli and I want YOU!

Please picture me with my Uncle Sam hat firmly cocked on my head, pointing at you and telling you to VOTE!

Both my friend Kelli and I are in need of votes this week. First, I randomly came across Quilting Gallery's "Circle Quilts" contest last week and entered "Ripple Effect".

I didn't realize voting started on Friday and goes only until 8pm Eastern today, so you only have a few hours left to help it get out of the bottom third. But if you are so inclined, go on over to Quilting Gallery and vote for it! Thank you! You can even enter for prizes just by commenting on her blog post. I have no idea if I win anything if I place or show, but I love this quilt and it deserved to be seen.

Kelli did way more planning and actual work to enter Art Gallery Fabric's "Make it Right Challenge". She had to use this panel:

and come up with something spectacular. And so she did.

Her entry is blowing away the competition, and granted I am biased but DAMN GIRL it should be because it is awesome and so different from the rest, but you can help her win too. Just head on over to Art Gallery's Pinterest page and vote for Mod Geo Cruiser by pinning and liking.

Kelli will get actual prizes when she wins for sure. I am only hoping she will share.

Go vote for us! Because you love our quilts, and because we are so cute.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Already voted; it is fantastic!!!

Lisa Lisa said...

Hey! I've already voted for Kelli. Unfortunately, it's after 6PM on the West Coast so I missed the deadline. Sorry, but a girl's gotta work and she doesn't get home quite that early. You would've gotten my vote, though. Does that help?

Jeneta said...

Yes - you are both cute! I have voted.

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