Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aiming for Accuracy Fabric Reveal

It is my sincere hope that my post of two days ago, wherein I was trying to decide which of two sets of fabrics to use for the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along and my indecision thereof, did not keep anyone up at night or unable to function for the past 48 hours. I asked for your help in choosing, and I got some great and passionate responses like "Oh please oh please make the Christmas throw!" and "Go for the bright and leave the light fabrics behind!" and for heaven's sake, one of you even mocked up some blocks for me.

Blocks brought to you by the delightfully crazy Melissa D.

I never dreamed you all cared so much. It's that, or you are finding new and exciting ways to avoid housework. Which I am totally in favor of helping you do.

So after careful weighing of your opinions of my fabric choices, I am happy to announce that one of these pieces of sage advice was the tipping point:
So which was it:

A. You should go with the fabrics that you love because you may never finish the quilt if you're using fabrics you don't love.


B. I would choose the first one, because sometimes you are surprised when you use fabrics you don't like so much.


And answer B it is!
 My decision came down to the fact that Lisa's comment put into words exactly what I was actually thinking - that if I am going to do this challenge, why not challenge myself all the way and choose the less obviously "me" fabrics?

Also, I took into account that I would only need background fabric, so that made the answer even more obvious. Today I found a lovely blue with small brown polka dots that will look so modern Christmas throw it is scary. I only wish the fabric photographed a little better.
This so doesn't look like the pretty aqua it really is.

I'm planning to use the solid fabrics on the left side of the photo for the squares in the border. I did have to buy the one red one, because this FQ pack did not come with a solid red. What the heck? I demand my money back.

I also enjoyed the advice of Jennifer, who wisely pointed out, "If you don't love the finished quilt, it's a great gift." Or raffle quilt item.

But don't get too excited VBES PTO. I kind of think I am going to love it when it is done, and Greta will probably be long out of that school by then anyway, given my track record for finishing projects for ME.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Hey, can't go wrong with FABRIC! I love how no matter what I use, it usually comes out with me loving it.

glen: which is why I have so many I just can't give away......they are my babies!

carla said...

Hi!!! Love your selection!!!! I am still deciding on my colors and background!!!! But I have a little time!!!!

Heather said...

i'm going to work from my stash and use lots of orange. now to decide whether to use white or pale yellow for the background. Guess it will depend what I see in the shop.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Hooray for using something that is not your usual style, and not only will Greta be long out of that school by then, she will prob. love the throw so much she will forbid you to raffle it off anyway. :D Love the dotty background! Can't wait to see it all come together.

Robin Waggoner, Quilter and Designer said...

This looks fun. Can't wait to see how it progresses. Love your choice.

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