Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quitcher whining, USPS.

It isn't MY fault you can't balance your books when I do all I can to keep you afloat with these group projects.

After the intense excitement of getting all of the packages of homework from all of my "Taking Names" participants in the mail over the last week, today was "Shuffle and Stuff" day. How highly convenient that my quilting machine is still sans operating belt so that I could use the 10' table as a staging area. As we can see by the DeWalt task light prominently displayed on the table, this is not for lack of my husband valiantly climbing up on the table and attempting to figure it out numerous times and then giving up and going off to fall asleep in his chair by 8:30pm, apparently hoping the answer might come to him in a dream. Sadly, it has not. Fingers crossed that the guy who promises to come out on Saturday to look at it knows how to get the thing on there.  But anyway, it makes a good surface for all those lovely packets I had to organize.

96 packets heading for 12 homes with a brief stopover in my studio.

I blame the fun of these blocks for preventing me from getting the quilting done on my topper I sandwiched the other day and desperately need to get done so I can finally check off my new pattern as DONE. Well, that, and I have to name the dumb thing still, but it's at the point where you know I'm just finding reasons to procrastinate. These blocks are a good reason right now.

I actually cleaned off my entire cutting table so I could work on these in an organized manner. Then I got all excited about a couple of the packets and had to start pulling fabrics from my bins and I messed it all up again.
Ten little packets, ready for the mail tomorrow! I hand delivered one, and I get one, so that's 10 for those of you thinking I had slipped (again) in the math department. If you are doing this project, watch out for your big old envelope in the next few days.


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Yay! Muy Exciting!!! :)

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am so ready!!! This may be here in time for my retreat next weekend!,

Bring it on!


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