Friday, February 1, 2013

Why are you reading this?....Shouldn't you be sewing?

It's finally here! February 1, 2013, the day that will live in infamy as the day I metaphorically kicked over 50 quilters in the butt and chained them to their machines for at least 20 minutes a day for the entire month. Lucky none of you live in my house or I could totally take out the metaphorically and really get you going.

I am beside myself at the response I have gotten to this thing this year. As of this moment, I have 29 bloggers who have officially "linky-ed up" with hotlinks to their own blogs, where they will keep us apprised of their progress. I have over 20 others who have committed their minutes in the comments section of the DaGMT page. I already have 8 of you members of the flickr group even if you haven't posted too much yet. All of the entries from the various ways one can earn points have already overflown my Tupperware bucket from 1974 and are now in my meat marinating container my mom got me in 1999; plenty more room for them and now the slips of paper are all zesty with a hint of garlic. 

Last year I pledged to not only sew for 90 minutes a day, which is my pledge again this year, but also to blog about my progress every day of the month. That is because I was completely insane. This year I'm going to do the sewing part, but forget hearing about my progress every day. It's just not going to happen. I will try to remember to post to the flickr each time I have a photo of something worthy of sharing, and I will certainly blog as much as I usually do, which is to say whenever I feel like it.

To keep me honest, here is my staggering, blinding, and cow-choking list of projects I need to complete this month:

1. Get this tree skirt/topper pattern done before I throw it out the window. It currently needs one more binding, photos inserted, a final run through with my red pen, and a name. Seriously, like two hours of work and it's done. Someone metaphorically kick me!

2. Blocks for all eight members of Taking Names group

3. Write Taking Names pattern

4. Border, quilting, binding on two small wall hangings

5. Border, quilting, binding on a wedding gift from an August wedding

6. Use EPP stuff with some scraps when I am on vacation in FL so I don't fall too behind in my 90 minutes.

6. Quilt and bind a carpenters star that I made in 2007 and have wanted to hang in my family room since that time.

7. Transfer "Rapunzel's Hideaway" from my book to a stand alone pattern.

8. 2012 bookkeeping finalized so husband does not freak that we won't be first in line for the tax guy.

I think we are all justified in laughing hysterically at that list. But we will see what I can do.

I've already got three of the eight packets of group quilt dealt with, so I'm actually making some headway. Today I worked on Meg's. Love them!

Now really, get back to sewing!


Mair said...

Hey Beth, did you get that work done for the tree skirt/topper pattern? Consider yourself nudges (kicking is too violent).

I'm about to settle in for my promised 30 minutes.

Kathleen said...

I love your post. I have just committed myself to 90 of sewing 5 days a week. I don't think I can do 7 days yet. There are grand-babies to take care of. XX Kathleen

meg said...

Now that you have worked on my blocks, please go finish the tree skirt pattern. *kick* :)

Diane Swett said...

I"ve been working on some of my projects today and spent more than twenty minuets on my ufo's and also worked on a mug rug and practiced some FMQ for my skill builder BOM 2013 - wow I did get a lot done today.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I made a FPP block of the month today, and nearly sliced off the tip of my finger all in the name of DaGMT. My first run-in with a rogue rotary. what did you name it?

Kim said...

I just did a lot of cutting today-it is for swaps and I needed to get it done. Hoping to actually use the machine tomorrow.

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