Monday, February 6, 2012

DaGMT Day 6 - "The hum of a machine in the silence of my mind"


That's my Monday morning sigh of relief. After a weekend chock full of activity, ear infections, and having to stop every few minutes to discuss Mr. Quilting Hottie's latest ideas on how we should redo the deck, this morning I was back to being productive.

Note we are not going to discuss how the Patriots forced me to abandon my machine last night and all for naught.

I had some fun playing with my leftover scraps from Greta's new quilt, which I put the borders on last week during day one. I just love these fabrics so much, and sometimes when I finish a project and have the leftovers hanging around I just have to keep playing with them.

I'm not sure what these will have as a center, but these three strips are going to be borders for a 24" square table topper. At least at the moment that's my plan. Stay tuned for more!

Tonight is trash TV night - Will Ben get his head out of his butt? - and is also the night I cut or press to the dulcet sounds of women shrieking, so I hope to make up that extra 40 minutes I missed yesterday and then some this evening.

If you haven't checked out our group flickr yet - please do! Better yet, if you are taking part in the challenge, post some photos of your progress! It is so fun and inspiring to see what you are all doing too!

So what did YOU work on today?

1 comment:

LInda Pearl said...

Checking in - added to my blog and figured out how to add the pictures in my account to your group. Progress, not perfection...right.

Now to figure out what to do for day 7.

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