Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DaGMT Day 29 - Phew

Machine quilted my lazy daisy project today.

And I'm done, spent, kaput, and finito.

I can't say I actually was able to pound out 90 minutes of sheer sewing every single day, but I did it more days than I didn't, and I think I averaged well over an hour a day for the month, so I am calling DaGMT a success, at least as far as my commitment was concerned. Two UFOs were totally finished, one other quilt was started from scratch and completely finished, another awaits quilting, and two just need bindings. That seems pretty good for 29 days to me. All while running out of piecing thread, exploding one bobbin into several pieces, and taking a machine to the shop for a spa day. If that doesn't say commitment I don't know what does.

I loved being joined in this little experiment by so many of you. Even if you didn't post daily, I knew you were out there sewing your little faces off and can honestly say that there is nothing like that to keep me honest.

If you haven't checked out the flickr account lately, please do. Just click on the button at the top of the left column over there <------. There were lots of photos of lots of projects that were worked on during DaGMT submitted, and those projects definitely will inspire you. One such project has already made it onto one of my pinboards on pinterest, and is definitely going to be my next scrap project. Thank you Laurie Thompson for your inspiration.

I also plan to attempt a Jelly Roll Race at my guild's retreat this month, assuming anyone wants to race me, after seeing Judy Damon's 1600 quilt, which is quite honestly the most fabulous one of these I have ever seen.

See? You never know what participating in these things will do for you, do you?

If you participated, I'd love a final comment from you totaling what you got done in your alloted time in the comment section. I think we don't appreciate exactly how much those 20 minute slots add up unless we share!

Thank you for reading, commenting, and generally putting up with me during this month. I promise I am now going back to only two or three posts a week, and that is plenty! There is only so much of me that even I can stand.


Beth at Quilting Hottie Haven said...

So again, here's my total:

Two UFOs completely done
One new quilt started from nothing and totally finished
One queen sized quilt pieced and ready for binding
One UFO pieced, ready for quilting
One runner pieced and quilted, ready for binding
One exploded bobbin

Please post your successes too!

SueFors said...

Beth, thanks for the 'push'! I am really pleased with what I've accomplished this month.

Here's my total:
-Cleaned and organized my sewing room.
-Paint Chip Challenge started, finished, quilted and bound!
-64 Log Cabin Swap blocks finished.
BOM blocks done.
-Tonga BOM finished!!! (this took up most of my time)
-One 1600 quilt started, finished quilted and bound.
-"Basic Beauties" quilt finished, quilted and bound. Ready to ship off to MQX!
-One baby quilt quilted. :o)
-Shopped for fabrics for my next project.
-Seperated the inseam on a plain pair of jeans to 'jazz them up' with some embroidery designs!

Now that this is over, I need to clean and organize my sewing room again!

A.G. Lindsay said...

Well, I didn't accomplish as much, but I did get the 64 blocks left from the DnA project made into 3 quilt tops. (UNfortunately, this means I'm up to 14 quilt tops that need to be quilted...)

I'm now 3/4 of the way through the quilting on RequiesCAT (the green queen-sized double wedding ring that was the first quilt I ever started in the mid-1980s.)

I did some random BoM and blocks for exchanges, as usual, and measured and checked some of the quilt tops to make sure they are, indeed, ready to be quilted.

But, the only thing I actually FINISHED in February was a small (about 1" high) knitted bunny in mohair. He's cute, though.

judabelle said...

Well, when I really think about all I got done, and list it all in one place, I too and pleased with what I accomplished. Thanks for the push, Beth!
Here's my list:
binding on quilt cupboard quilt
quilting and binding scrappy table runner
made two complete 60 degree runners
pieced the 1600 quilt top
finished piecing a previously started Soft Spoken top
designed and made four wool applique needlebooks
wrote, photographed and submitted the pattern for the needlebooks to TQPM
made two blocks each for two block-of-the-month programs I'm in
started an art quilt piece for a challenge on the Inspired Workroom FB group
spent a few hours on Pinterest that I should have spent at the sewing machine...

LInda Pearl said...

QH...let me add my voice to the chorus thanking you for pushing us. I learned alot about myself, in that my most productive time to work is the morning. Yes,I know...breaking news! That said, I completed 1 (overdue) block on day 1, have both my 2012 challenges well on their way to being finished. I also 'found time' in that I have a hand work project started. That's coming with me this weekend, because I have a new good habit.

Beth at Quilting Hottie Haven said...

From Michelle Banton:

"What I did during my DaGMT Challange Month: Start to Finish: Twin sized Yellow Brick Road, Twin All About Me, Twin Autumn Braid, Jelly Roll 1600, Strip Tube Quilt. Designed and finished 3 tops for a corporate commission (still have to quilt them); pieced a second All About Me (still have to quilt); Sewed sleeves on 8 twin or larger quilts; attended 2 guild meetings; 5 open sew days with friends; and 3 classes. I'm tired - but I still have more things to finish and even more to start. Thanks for issuing the challenge! You really helped me focus on creativity this past month"

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

(I didn't participate but I think you are spot on to consider an exploded bobbin as an accomplishment!! Very impressive!)

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