Monday, January 30, 2012

QH and her amazing technicolor vacuum

So I was doing a little housecleaning on Saturday (try not to die of shock) when I noticed the vacuum was not sucking. Normally not sucking is a positive thing in life, but I think we can all agree that vacuums are the one exception. I announced to my husband that I was going to take apart the vacuum and see where it was clogged. Mr. Quilting Hottie, being equally techno and electronically challenged as myself, didn't even attempt to wrestle the screwdriver out of my hand, but instead started looking at new vacuums on Amazon while I went off to tame the beast.

I never did find a clog. But I did find this, and it was a reminder to me how colorful the lives of quilters are, right down to their cleaning implements.

Yes, it does show that I do not take care of my vacuum as I should, and therefore it likely will never recover. But in a weird way it was a little bit pretty. And how many other hobbies can live on in your vacuum brush like sewing and quilting?

On another note, have you officially committed to partaking in "Drop and Give Me Twenty" yet? Or are you just going to be content to sit back and watch as the rest of us try to out-UFO each other? The fun starts Wednesday, February 1 and goes through the 29th. Sign up by commenting on this post: You know can only feel better about yourself and your UFO pile if you do it!

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Marija said...

Oh, ah - your previous post (Drop and give me twenty) read like I wrote it!!!! And I even don't have small kids around...but I do work during the day, so maybe similar? :) Anyway - I WILL PLAY!! I NEED to play, I MUST because I have so many know! Sooooo...since it is Feb. 1st today, I am off to update my blog, finish work, teach my class (I teach quilting in my local quilt shop) and then before going to bed do my TWENTY!!!

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