Thursday, September 29, 2011

Share this and win - and answer the age old question of "What's For Dinner?"

It's not really my style - asking for likes on my EPQD Facebook page. I figure if you care to see that much of me, you'll find it. But this month I apparently need an ego boost, because in a month that saw record gains in hotties reading this blog, I've only added a handful of new fans to my EPQD community. Since that's where I really feel like I can get to know all of you, I'd love to change that, and I am not above bribery thrown in with a smidge of self-promotion, something I also kind of avoid when I can. So if you are not above being bribed, read on!

Remember my post in June about these fun placemats that were appearing at the time in Quilt Pattern Magazine's June issue? Well, as of Saturday October 1, the pattern AND a kit is mine to add to my inventory, and I'm giving you a chance to win a kit to create this one of a kind tablemat for the messy kid in your life. Don't have a messy kid in your life? Borrow one. Trust me, they are everywhere. I have a few I might be persuaded to lend out if you really can't find one.

My inspiration for these cute oilcloth and chalkboard cloth mats was the ruination of at least one placemat a week by my girls, and, truth be told, once in a while when red sauce was involved, myself. As a quilter, I'd seen a lot of quilted placemat patterns, and while I think they are all fantastic and way fun to dress up a table, I also know that they are insanely impractical for many families like mine who have kitchens that look like a tornado hit after every meal. It seemed to me there was a niche that needed filling, and I set about to fill it.

I combined some simple reverse applique shapes of table setting elements with the chalkboard cloth and oilcloth and created a mat that has several benefits to messy families:

1. The materials are completely wipeable. Just a few swipes of a wet washcloth and you are done. You can even run them under the water at the sink for huge nasty messes. Oh don't give me that. You know you've had them at your house too.

2. Fabulous teaching tool reason #1: No longer will your kids put the fork on the right and the spoon on top of the plate when you ask them to set the table. They will not have any excuse to say "But I didn't know where it went!" The shapes are full size, and because they are reverse appliqued (which really isn't hard, I promise!), there is a ridge around each to prevent the different elements from slipping around on the mat.

3. Fabulous teaching tool reason #2: The chalkboard cloth allows you to write the day's menu right on the mat, and young readers can practice both reading and writing while they are waiting for you to finish playing Emeril in the kitchen. If your family is like mine, and insists upon discussing what will be for dinner within 10 minutes of waking in the morning, you could even hang one up on the wall with the menu for the evening on it all day long.

So how do you go about attempting to win a kit (contains patterned oilcloth and chalkboard cloth for one mat) and pattern to make these fabulous mats? So glad you asked.

1. If you aren't already a fan of EvaPaige Quilt Designs on facebook, become a fan. All my new fans every month are entered into a drawing for a Giveaway Extravaganza gift, and this month the tablemat kit just happens to be it.

2. If you ARE already a fan, I sincerely thank you for your support and I love having you there. To enter the "current fan" drawing, simply share this blog post on your FB page, and leave a comment under the post on the EPQD page telling me you did so.

There's only one catch. If I don't make it to 375 fans by Saturday am, I'll only be able to give it out to new fans, not current ones. I need your help, hotties! The world needs to be free of stained placemats! Like and share and be well. Thank you!

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