Sunday, January 2, 2011

Un-bate your breath....the winners are revealed!

I have no idea if this is even legal, but because I don't want you to wait any longer I am going to announce the winners of our Quilt Pattern Magazine blog tour giveaways before I even know their actual legal names. All I have are the names they left on my blog, and they are as random to me as the ones I personally often leave as blog comment aliases - either Quilting Hottie (obviously) or Sherm, a name my husband gave me during the 1998 football season. It's a long uninteresting story unless you are somewhat drunk, so I will spare you. I've read the fine print a few times and QPM never told me I couldn't announce aliases as winners, so here I go. If you are one of these people, you will receive a real email from me requesting your true identity. With luck, you will not be part of the Witness Protection Program and will be allowed to provide it to me in order to claim your fabulous prize.

Well, here I go after I stall by explaining my selection process. So as to keep it fair and unbiased, I had each of my three daughters pick a number between 1 and 54, the number of comments the post in question received. I then randomly selected one of those numbers out of a hat to be the grand prize winner of the magazine subscription, and the other two are being given the runner up prizes of a copy of my book (signed and/or imprinted with a big old lipstick stain kiss - whichever you prefer) and a complete kit of fabrics, pattern, and beads to make my "Sunflower and Sky" quilt. Before I was able to get these vital numbers out of my daughters, I was made to answer about 93 questions such as "Is this for your quilt guild?", "Are we winning a prize?", "Are you giving away the cinnamon rolls you just made?", "What if we all pick the same number?", "What is a blog?", "Do you know these people?", "Why do they want to win something from you?" and I seriously never thought we would make it to the number selection. Much like you are seriously thinking you will never hear who the winners are.

So here we go. For real.

Grand prize of a one year subscription to Quilt Pattern Magazine - Tich. Or more accurately, tich. All I know of her is she is very adorable in her profile photo and is from Scotland. My maiden name is Kerr, which is very Scottish, and I even had a Kerr plaid scarf in college, and yes, I was way cool. Even though I am Danish and it was changed from Kjuar at Ellis Island. Details, really. But I also love the Outlander series, so I am thrilled, seriously thrilled, to give this prize to tich. (Number 49 chosen by Eva because "49 seems like it is right in the middle of 1 and 54." Mental note: ramp up the extra math homework for this one.)

Runner up prize of my book, "Once Upon a Time:Fairy Tale Puzzle Quilts": linwintx. It really could not be more fitting that linwintx has the word "win" right in it. And from her (or his) alias, I am guessing he/she is from Texas. My grandfather's name was Lin(wood), so I am feeling a connection here. With luck, linwintx has a young girl in her life so that the book will be welcome. Otherwise, she can sell it on ebay. (Number 32 chosen by Paige because she "likes even numbers better than odd ones.")

Runner up prize of "Sunflower and Sky" kit: Melissa. According to her blogger profile, Melissa is from Ohio, enjoys recycled crafts, appears to have a very adorable dog, and is a Scorpio. (I sort of feel like I am trying to get her a date.) Melissa also apparently follows about 700 blogs, but mine is not one of them. I feel hurt and betrayed and it is not beneath me to consider this prize a bit of bribery that she might follow me. (Number 33, chosen by Greta because let's face it, she's the little one, Paige had just chosen 32, and she couldn't be more creative than choosing the next number. So lucky Melissa that my kid is not more interesting in her number selections.)

Thank you all for participating in the blog tour. It was really a lot of fun and I look forward to hearing what you think of my first few submissions, which are scheduled to come out in the May and June issues.

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