Monday, January 3, 2011

Another day, another Quilt Pattern magazine subscription winner!

Well hotties, if you didn't win the first time around, one of you has been granted a reprieve. Tich, who was my winner of the year's subscription to QPM, actually won on FIVE different blogs. FIVE! Which begs the question - did Tich do anything in December other than read through the blog tour and comment? And honestly, how on earth was she randomly selected FIVE TIMES? I am going with Tich (who's name is actually Rosemary) is magical. It makes as much sense as anything.

So because she is a good sport and not at all wishing to win so many times and leave others out has graciously allowed her subscription she won here at Quilting Hottie Haven to be put back into the pot and I have been requested by QPM to randomly pick another winner. My daughters being at school today, this time the selection falls entirely to me and let me tell you, I am feeling the pressure.

And the new winner is......

Grandma Coco. Forgoing all numbers this time as I kind of suck at math, I chose Grandma Coco because her comment - "You had me at "studly specimen"!" - made me spit tea all over my keyboard. Which was fairly messy. She is from Ontario Canada, right across the border from where I grew up in Western NY, and says on her blogger profile that she possesses "a basic Singer sewing machine from the 70's and a fierce desire to push it about as far as it will go." You go, GC! She also has several blogs of her own, including


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