Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just Pat and Me, Hanging out Talking Quilt Naming

Sure, I was all on edge, sure I'd answer a question or two a little differently, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Pat Sloan on Creative Talk Network yesterday afternoon. I'd been asked to talk about creative quilt naming ideas and strategies, and thanks to my weird brain and a great network of like-minded creative naming helpers, I had a few stories.

Having never done a podcast before, (and let's be honest, I probably never will have the chance again  again) I had no idea how QUICK the whole thing would be. I knew I would have about 10 minutes with Pat, I knew the basic outline of what we would chat about, but I had no concept of how quickly it all goes, or that I'd be called literally 15 seconds before I went on the air. No time to get nervous, just "Hi Pat, thanks for having me" and GO! Thank God two of my children were out of the house and the other was locked in the closet doing her homework in another room or we might have been able to subject America to a look not only at my naming process, but also to an impromptu sister squabble in the background. Those are always fun.

Now live at Creative Talk Network
As it turns out, my clock management sucked at the end, but live means one has to say "Whatever, I suck at clock management" and know that the rest of it worked out as well as could be expected. I love that the names of our first quilts that my new BFF Pat and I shared were clearly interchangeable due to color scheme. I love that she seemed to get me and told me afterward that I cracked her up. One can hope that's a good thing.

I was honored not only to get to chat with Pat, but how I got to be on with Mary Abreu (costumer extraordinaire) and Kathy Brown (adorable wool pattern guru) is a mystery that I will just enjoy. It really is rare that I get to rub such elbows.

 For those who listen/listened, now you can picture them: Feelin' Hot Hot Pink, Goose Poop, and Rampant Viral Illness.

Feelin' Hot Hot Pink

Goose Poop

Rampant Viral Illness
Thanks for being along for this crazy ride!


Sherry said...

Hey Beth!

I listened to the podcast; well, ok, just your part for right now, but that still counts as listening, right! LOL

I thought you did great. . . .if it had been me I probably would have sucked at the entire thing! LOL

Good job.

Sherry V. (aka Yuwanna Quilt)

Brenda E. said...

You did really a great job at getting more quilters interested in you and who you are! Hopefully more come to appreciate what you do for every quilter!
Brenda E.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

That is so nice! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla

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