Monday, May 11, 2015

100 Blocks Winners - In the Presence of Superstars

Thank you to everyone who stopped by during the blog hop! I seem to have asked a rather difficult question for the comment section (Who is your celebrity doppleganger?) as only about a third of you were able to come up with one, but what can you do? It's still always enjoyable to see so many new faces, famous-looking or not, on the blog tour! I did get lots of answers saying people looked like their moms or sisters, which is delightful and sweet and always made me smile and marvel at DNA, and a few stories of people who were apparently molded from one of heaven's most popular molds and are told they look like everyone under the sun were very cute.  I also thoroughly enjoyed a few dorky fangirl stories some of you shared about meeting a famous quilting personality. I'm right there with you and only hope Rob Appell doesn't still have nightmares about me attacking him in the aisle outside my booth or Bill Kerr doesn't lose sleep over me making him take a selfie with me because I have an uncle Bill Kerr and I thought it was funny. Thanks to all who played along!
He didn't call in the bodyguards, anyway.

 I had two prizes to give out and am all hopped up to announce my winners this morning. I'm doing it now, before the ridiculous heat of this May day melts my brain. I begin to regret naming my block "Sun Shower" as I could do with a little less sun beating down today as it is already close to 90 at 10 am. I'm much more excited about my winners than to be back in the season where I will complain that I am sizzling hot (like you didn't know it) all the time.

Winner of the 100 Blocks Volume 11 plus a $25 GC to Gotcha Covered Quilting - Paula Dalby! Paula was not only my winner drawn from the comments on the blog post, but she also shares something in common with me aside from quilting - tone deafness, as evidenced by her actual comment: "My husband thinks I look like Brenda Carlisle of The Go-Go's. I think he's crazy, but we both agree I can't sing, so that's something. :-)," and this lovely sentiment in item number six from this Mother's Day gift from my eight year old:

Note the font three times larger than the rest of the page. She loves me.
 It's like my minister always says - "If you can't sing, just sing louder." Enthusiasm will get you everywhere with me anyway! Congratulations, Paula!

 My second winner is Loriann Fish, who entered the extra giveaway by being a member of the EPQD facebook community and posting on that particular page in the entry post. She will receive a copy of the 100 Blocks issue as well plus a "Harlequin Shake" pattern and charm pack from me. Thank you, Loriann and everyone else, for allowing me to feel all special over there too!

I'm also excited that thanks in part I am sure to the love you were showing my runner I made with the Sun Shower block, QM will be including it in their next "Quilts from 100 Blocks" issue, which I believe is due out in December. Did you know that if YOU make a quilt, any quilt, from any block or set of blocks from ANY 100 Blocks issues and send QM a photo, your quilt very well might end up in one of these "Quilts from 100 Blocks" issues as well? THEY REALLY MIGHT! So if you DO make a quilt using any of the blocks, make sure you show Quiltmaker! They want to see them - and they just might want to share them with the world.

No one says they have to be complicated, either.
If you haven't found a copy yet of 100 Blocks Volume 11, you can grab one over on the Pattern Shop page of this blog. Be sure to check out both the Pattern Shop and the Kits and More pages, especially if your LQS doesn't carry my patterns yet. Someday I will succeed in world domination, but world domination takes time.

Have a wonderful sew-y week! I'm off to Cape Cod this evening to spend some time with a guild there, and then will head to spring quilt market in Minneapolis on Wednesday for just a couple of days. Maybe I'll have an embarrassing fangirl story or two for you next week.

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