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My designs tend to fall into three categories: simple, modern quilts great for beginners or quick projects, fanciful machine applique and embellishment projects, and my personal favorite, crazy scrappy fabulousness. All of my patterns fit my "fun over fuss" design philosophy by featuring quick piecing techniques and minimal matching points - which sometimes means none at all. 

  If you see something you like, I'd love for you to give it a try! All of the patterns featured here are available for paper pattern purchase through PayPal, and will be shipped out to you within 24 hours. Those patterns marked with an "**" are also available for digital delivery via email and on Craftsy, and will normally arrive in your inbox within two hours. Unfortunately, please note that my shop can only service buyers in the US due to current VAT regulations. Be sure to check out the Kits and More page too for kits and tools I can't live without. I welcome wholesale orders and am happy to assist you at or 978-433-9896 between 9:00am and 3:00pm ET Monday-Friday, when we are less apt to be interrupted by the crazed lunacy of motherhood.  


Hexies a la Mode - A little ice cream never hurt anyone. This cool (get it?) pattern will have you stacking your cone high in a modern take on pieced hexies. Simple shapes combine to create the hexie rings, which are built from the outside in for simplicity and look so amazing in all manner of colors and fabrics. It's not your grandma's hexie quilt; this one can be all yours. $10.00 

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**Harlequin Shake -  Ready to Shake it? Grab as many fun and colorful solids as you can, combine them with some black and white, and you'll have a quilt fit for the king's jester. One block combines with some basic setting pieces to create a fabulously modern and striking double sized quilt as seen on the front cover. Take out the setting pieces, move your blocks around, and you have the funky labyrinthine setting on the back cover. Either way, it's gorgeous.

Don't care for solids? No problem! These blocks are fabulous in prints as well. Use your imagination and your quilt will be truly your own. Also makes an excellent stashbuster.

Another of my patterns that began life as a group project, Harlequin Shake features a block that, once mastered, can be used in almost infinite layouts. I had such fun deciding on the two for the front and back covers, but so many more were also appealing that I included FOUR bonus layouts in the directions as well. So the pattern includes six layouts total - and I know you can come up with many more! SRP $10.00


**Mod-ified Trees - Pink Christmas trees were a staple in the oh-so-mod 60s. I'm bringing them back in "Mod-ified Trees." Lucy surely would have picked these if they had been on the lot, and Charlie Brown surely would have said no, but what does he know?

Mod-ified Trees hung out in my head for quite a while before I finally picked up my tools and just went for it already. Once I gathered my supplies and started sewing, I was able to make the entire cover quilt from start to finish in less than four hours. Of course, your results may vary, but this is a project that it truly would be hard to spend more than a day on; it is perfect for a quick diversion when you are sick of big projects, or as an almost instant gift when you find out the wedding shower is THIS week not next week, or you are throwing a Christmas dinner party and realize the afternoon before that you need some new duds for the table.

The cover quilt was made using Leaves Galore "Petite" template, and if you own that, fantastic; if you are like me you are always looking for new patterns to use the templates with, so here you go.. If you don't own it, and have no desire to do so, also fantastic. You can still whip this up using the easy alternative cutting directions, so no special equipment beyond a good attitude is needed.

Machine quilting is done prior to the applique on this project, which helps the applique give a second quilting dimension once it is in place. The piece is 16" x 39" and self-bordered with border applique units cut from the leftovers of the tree fabrics. SRP - $10.00

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**"Happy Jacks" - I love a good scrappy block in a quilt with a modern flavor, and that's what you get with this pattern; use up some cool scraps in the block, then set them three different ways to create a lovely modern-esque quilt with lots of room for creative quilting.

Triangles on a Roll TM "Sew and Flip Geese" were determined to be the most accurate method of piecing the geese to make the blocks come together like a perfectly cooked goose. I do recommend them for use with this pattern, but if you have a method of goose cookery that you prefer, have at it. Directions for cutting pieces are given for use with Sew and Flip Geese.

"Happy Jacks" is the result of my 2014 group block project, run on my Quilting Hottie Haven blog. SRP - $10.00

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 **"Ka-Bloom!"  - This pattern allowed me to get back to my roots in pattern design, which is to say it combines machine applique and slightly funky (but easily done) piecing to create a surprisingly awesome quilt. Not that I am biased. The on-point setting is somewhat new for me, but no one ever accused me of putting myself in a designing box. The machine applique portion is as easy as it can get, with smooth curves and a simple, classic design.

The pattern uses 8 print fabrics along with a solid or tone on tone background. Fabric amounts are generous and include the scrappy binding. While it is Leaves Galore TM compatible, applique templates of the petals are also included. Advanced beginners and up. Lap/Twin size 61" x 82". SRP - $10.00

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**"Kickin' Stash" - Got scraps? Got some serious stash? Throw them together and kick them up into this fabulously scrappy quilt! Scrap blocks can be made either "Planned Scrappy", containing four fabrics per block, or "Completely Scrappy", where the amount of fabrics per block is limited only by your stash size. Maybe size does matter after all. Blocks go together quickly and easily and contain virtually NO MATCHING POINTS. This is a fantastic pattern for using up even the smallest scraps of some of your favorite fabrics, and even works with the ends of jelly rolls! Advanced beginners and up. Four sizes. SRP - $9.00

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 **"Garden's Gate" - A riff off of my "Quite Contrary" design, which I will annoyingly remind you was featured on the cover of Quilter's World magazine (April 2012), "Garden's Gate" shows an alternate planting design Mary might have used in her garden, this time with modern florals in salmon, lime, and turquoise. Not that Mary has a lock on a colorway - plant your garden in tones of your own choosing! With big blocks and simple piecing this quilt goes together in a snap, giving you more time to harvest your own garden and play in the sun. Or to just take a nap.Your choice and we won't judge you.The quilt is finished with some modern rail fencing to keep out all the bunnies.Two sizes, 64" x 84" lap/twin size, and 64" square baby size. SRP - $10.00

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**"Synocopated Ribbons" -  Clean out your scrap bag with this free flowing, fun, break-some-rules design! Unique angled piecing guarantees no two quilts made from this pattern will ever be alike; combining flexible piecing and virtually no exact measurements make this quilt practically impossible to mess up. Perfect for anyone who is ready to step out of their comfort zone and have a ball! Can also be made with fat quarters. Pattern contains baby, lap, twin, and queen size directions. SRP - $9.00

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"Winter Whites"  - Part of a seasonal quilt series entitled Beaded Blooms, “Winter Whites” (winter) uses the same pieced background, machine appliqué, and beaded embellishment techniques as "Sunflower and Sky" to create a 32” x 15” wall hanging featuring white poinsettias. Poinsettia colors can of course vary, and the flower shapes are versatile enough that a quilter could turn them into magnolias if they wished. Directions for using extra blocks as Christmas ornaments are an added bonus of this pattern. SRP - $10.00                                                

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**"Confetti Toss" - The pattern that just won't die. Created as my answer to the need for every designer to have a "strips and squares" beginner design, this one astounds me with the way it just keeps going after years and years. Appealing for it's minimal fabric requirements - 1 1/2 yards focus fabric and 8 coordinating fat quarters will get you a lap sized quilt  - and few matching points, this is a great beginner class or teach yourself to quilt project, or a great quickie project for the more advanced. SRP - $10.00

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"Funky Tree Farm" - This festive little runner was named by my daughters, who declared upon seeing it that the trees on it looked exactly like those at my uncle's Christmas tree farm. Lest he have a coronary thinking his trees are this misshapen and funky, I assure him they are not. But for a machine applique and embellishment project, these trees are perfect! Foundation "crazy" pieced trees and fun embellishment with iron on crystals make for a quick and festive project. SRP - $10.00

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**"For Love of Springtime" - The Beaded Blooms series continues with this lovely wall hanging featuring Bleeding Hearts for springtime. "For Love of Springtime" uses the same pieced background, machine appliqué, and beaded embellishment techniques as the previous patterns in the series to create a 32” x 15” wall hanging striking in its simplicity. Four leaf and seven flower applique shapes lend to the realistic look of these flowers. SRP - $10.00


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"Pick Me" - This fun pumpkin wallhanging, a perfect addition to your fall decor, can be made with either fat quarters or scraps. A funky pieced background and strip pieced pumpkins make the basic design a standout. Machine appliqued pumpkins, stems and leaves are dressed up with beading and cording. SRP - $10.00

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"Feelin' Hot Hot Pink" - A modified stack and slash forms the background of this quick and striking quilt. Machine appliqued flowers and a fun border design make this an eyepopping design perfect for a baby quilt or wallhanging. Includes star applique motif for a more boyish look, and directions and fabric requirements for twin size as well. SRP - $10.00
"Sunflower and Sky" - The first of four in a seasonal quilt series entitled Beaded Blooms, “Sunflower and Sky” (summer) combines a simple pieced background, machine appliqué, and beaded embellishment to create a 32” x 15” wall hanging featuring an elegant sunflower. Using several different prints in the same tones and values for the background and again for the different elements of the flower lends depth and movement to the otherwise simple design; creating a realistic seeded center with buttons and beads is a fanciful and eyecatching element that has created quite a stir wherever “Sunflower and Sky” has been displayed since its creation. “Sunflower and Sky” originally appeared on the cover of Cotton Spice in September of 2007. SRP - $10.00

**"Greta's Kaleidoscope" - Since my daughter Greta was born in the summer of 2006, quilters who have discovered EvaPaige Quilt Designs have been very concerned about how her name was going to fit into the company. Clearly I had to include her somehow or she would end up in therapy someday, so I always answered that I would name a quilt pattern after her someday. Someday has come, and Greta has her own pattern. It features funky piecing of strips and squares (not that you are surprised by this…) to create off kilter blocks that seem to spin like a kaleidoscope. Lots of fun and looks great in all the new mosaic and modern fabrics! Baby, lap and twin sizes included. SRP - $10.00                                             

"Diamond Dazzle" - Use scraps or yardage to create this ten-carat beauty! Start with some simple strip piecing, play with some templates, add a fun scrappy border strip (or don't - it's totally optional!) and end with a quilt that will bring on the oohs and aahs. 12 page pattern booklet features full sized templates, detailed cutting and piecing charts, and five sizes with two border options. Five sizes, table runner to queen. SRP - $12.50

"Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tale Puzzle Quilts" -
A one of a kind project book that will have you feeling like you have been transported to the time of princesses and fairies! Create a unique puzzle-style quilt that will totally delight your favorite little princesses by choosing from the many given layouts, backgrounds, applique shapes, embellishments, and borders. Chock full of embellishment tricks and tips, suggestions for customization, and creativity notes in handy call out boxes. And as an added bonus, it is just a lot of fun to read! You will find yourself reaching for this book again and again! SRP - $26.95

Crown detail from "Once Upon a Time"
Shoe detail from "Once Upon a Time"

 "Taking Names" - Triangles are everywhere these days, but most designers aren't crazy enough to want to piece the actual triangle block. I am not most designers. To me, nothing is more exciting than a pieced block of any shape, and these triangles are no exception. I love how they came together, I love the setting that revealed itself to me as I went along, and I really just love that the cover quilt was yet another successful group quilt project for EvaPaige Quilt Designs, my pattern company.

Like its big sister pattern "Kickin' Stash", "Taking Names" can be made either totally scrappy or a little bit more planned scrappy. The setting on the cover is really just the beginning of what this pattern can do; once you make the block, I know you will find dozens of new settings that make it even more fantastic!

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 "Ripple Effect" - Tree skirt, large topper, small topper, and table runner pattern! Something for everyone! I've been designing quilt patterns for eight years, and for eight years I have wanted to design one that would work as a tree skirt. For eight years ideas have flit into my head, stayed long enough to prove they were too complicated, and flit back out, leaving me slightly depressed and wondering if I would ever come up with something that fit my style and "fun over fuss" philosophy. Somehow the circles craze in quilting today was what I needed to finally hit upon inspiration that stuck and kept growing into "Ripple Effect". Machine applique means no curved piecing; a great, quick project to highlight some of your favorite fabrics.

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Hi , browsing through your site,needing some inspiration & found some.Haven't quilted in the year my mom was here, time to get back on the wagon!Think I'll start with some little thing & embellish it!Have never done that & love your little shoes! See you Wednesday

Karen Mae

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