Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop Reaches Baja New Hampshire

Have you heard of this "Around the World Blog Hop" thing? I have no idea how long it has been going on, but basically quilty bloggy people are writing posts answering the same few questions and tagging their friends to do the same. I was tagged by Marie Joerger (Marie's Creative Space) and was told to write a post by 10/6 answering the same questions she did.

Marie did not see my To Do list when giving me that deadline. I'm feeling quite fortunate that I am only two days late and there is a very large part of me writing this post right now just so I can have something to cross off of it today and because a hot cup of tea was calling and I can't just sit around drinking it, I must act like I am also accomplishing something. Brutal honesty - that's me.

So here we go:

1. What are you working on?

Gee, what portion of my To Do list do you want to see? The part where I have swear words encircling the word "Verizon"? The part where I realize I am crazy for having agreed to be the BOM chair for my guild this year? The part where I left my husband's absentee ballot on the kitchen counter for three weeks and missed the cutoff for paper ballots for those living abroad?


Okay, I'll show you the fun stuff.

 I've been part of the Modern Instabee since last spring. While many months have been more of a challenge than necessary due to the bizarre construction methods used in the book (sorry, but wow), September was a particular doozy because I kept thinking I had all the materials I needed and would go to complete a step and didn't have them. Strip piece using low volumes (oh how I loathe that phrase) and some red stripes - easy enough, except if you have no appropriate reds that aren't covered with Santas. Find red, now we're ready to inset the strip pieced part into a circle - actually not that bad when you use This Tutorial from step 12 on, but it would help if you had an actual navy rather than bright blue. Blue procured, now WHERE THE HELL IS MY FREEZER PAPER??? Seriously, this is NOT a hard block to make, and I could have done it in 20 minutes if I had all my supplies. I'm thrilled it is done as of this morning and will be on it's way to the recipient.

Also on the design wall and with a deadline fast approaching: Scrap Squad #5. Never have I enjoyed Halloween or made a Halloween colored quilt, but I am flinging the lid off the box and trying something new. I actually think it is going to be adorable.

Ghosts not included
Can't really show you the designs, now, can I?
I also whipped up a couple of blocks to submit to QM's 100 Blocks Volume 11. If you haven't done so yet, there are a few days left to submit your 12 1/2" block idea.

It is fun when thread loves fabric.
The one on the left. In purple satin. Jesus save me.

And from the department of  "I should have just said No," I'm working frantically to make this Mary Lincoln/Nellie Oleson/Laura Ingalls in her fancy church clothes Halloween costume for my eight year old history geek. Normal children want to be a vampire bride, I had to talk her into this costume rather than Sybil Luddington simply out of hope someone might know who she is in this one.

This is all in addition to the two new designs I am working on plus a new sample of Mod-ified Trees that isn't going to sew itself. So it's been fun.

2. How does my work differ from others?

My design attitude is a lot like my life attitude. I like relaxation, fun, and keeping things real. I don't like labels, boxes, policing (well, okay, in actual life police officers are a good thing, but they don't belong in quilting), pretension, or boring and I am okay with calling it out when I see it (hence my issue with "low volume" - it just sound pretentious to me, and my affinity for quilts made with scraps for more color excitement rather than a single fabric line). My patterns aren't meant for those who want a challenging long term project; they are meant to get you creating, playing, de-stressing, and loving the art of quilting without throwing the pattern against the wall in frustration because you've taken out the same seam twelve times and your points still don't match.

Granted, I'm not the only one with this attitude out there. But I always think we can use some more and I love bringing everyone I can over to the dark side with me.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Because it makes me happy. I don't think there is much more to say than that.

4. What is my creative process?
I often joke with my lecture audiences that it's important to spend some time just rolling around naked in your stash for inspiration. I am definitely one to immerse myself in the fabric, pull out a bunch of it and just see what happens when I start cutting. I CAN use EQ, and I DO use it sometimes, but I find it very limiting when it comes to design. I'd rather start with a pile of fabric and see where it takes me.

I'm supposed to tag a few people, but being the rebel that I am, I'm just going to invite anyone who blogs to join the Around the World Blog Hop. Just tag me as your inspiration and I will be thrilled!

To finish, my awesome new design wall, covered in some of my current projects.

I cannot WAIT to get my new fabric storage shelving!


Lisa England said...

Beth, as always, you crack me up. Thanks for the entertainment!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Yes, I had to google Sybil. I can't BELIEVE we didn't learn about her in history. She could always be Sybil, and then wear a sign on her back that says to google her, so people read it as she's walking away with her candy. ;) Someone might learn something like I just did. Go Greta! :)

Angie said...

A resounding huzzah for Sybil, but my ancestor Mercy Otis Warren was REALLY a revolutionary chick. She didn't sit around listening to the menfolk- she actually SAID what was on her mind! Yowsa. Tell Greta to look her up when she has a moment...

Unknown said...

Loved the story about Sybil. Check out my ancestor, Harriet Patience Dame, a Civl War nurse from Concord, NH. She is one of two Civil War nurses in the American Nurses Associatin Hall of Fame

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