Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Giveitaway Giveitaway Winner and Pie Chart Fun

Two giveaways at once. As much as I love to make everyone's day with a little gift of something other than my own awesomeness, I probably will not do that again. At least not during dance recital/Quilt Market week. You all literally filled up my inbox and I literally could not keep up. I am now literally having to extend one giveaway due to timing issues, but more on that in a few.

Today I am announcing my winner for the Giveaway Day "Giveitaway" giveaway (Have I lost you yet? A "Bob Loblaw Law Bomb" indeed.) of the $25 Gift Certificate to Lemon Tree Fabrics. In true QHH fashion, though, I will first report on the results of my entry question in the comments and  make you scroll through my findings to find out if you won. Because let's face it - with over 300 entries, you probably didn't win, so why shouldn't I at least give you a little entertainment this morning to make up for it?

The question I asked entrants to answer was a two-parter: What do you love about your sewing studio, and what would you change? People were very happy to wax poetic about love for machines, window, and more cutting/sewing tables made by husbands than I could shake a rotary cutter at. People were also very happy to point out that not everyone has a studio and there was a bit of a bitterness undertone, which is why I chose the font family "Bitter" (true story) for the title of this pie chart I created to summarize the wants/needs of most quilters when it comes to improving their studio or Okay Okay "dining room table." (Click on photos to enlarge. It works and is worth it.)

I really do love a good pie chart.
 As we can see, our complaints as quilters sound pretty familiar. I too would like better storage and maybe another window, and I won't even tell you about the size of spider I saw yesterday. We could also add in The Great Mouse Infestation of 2012, wherein one ran across the (attractively painted but still there right above my head) wastewater pipe above my sewing machine, and I too can be in the "basement creepy, contains spiders" camp.

What amused me, though, were the number of quilters who wanted a design wall. People. The floor is not a design wall. Get yourselves a sheet of foam insulation at Lowe's, cover it with a full sized batting, and voila. Is it an actual WALL of the studio? No. But it is a design wall. Two other commenters, whose wants I did not include in the pie chart, really could only say that their studios were lacking "a bulletin board" and "a wastebasket." I almost cried for their inabilities to locate the nearest Staples and complete their vision of the perfect space.

While dreaming of wastebaskets and bulletin boards is all well and good, quilters were only too happy to share what they loved about their studios as well. I was actually very impressed by the number who have amazing windows and natural light, and further impressed by the number who may not have had a true studio, but loved sewing in the kitchen, living room or dining room as "it is in the middle of the action and I love that." I love that they love that. It totally gave a new perspective to the lack of a room of one's own.

I don't know what this font is. They didn't have "Ecstatic" as an option.
The whole data analysis process made me want to match up those who have these awesome cutting tables with those who want them and maybe even start a cottage business for some SOs in making them for those who are lacking. And gather all those who are happy about having a studio together with all those who are wanting their own space so they could wag their fingers and say "nah nah nah" at them. Kidding. I do wish everyone could have a space of their own, with a door, and it was really lovely to see that those who listed their favorite part of their studio was actually having one all seemed truly thankful and none seemed to take it for granted.

Thank you all for participating and blowing up my email. It was exciting and exhausting all at once. I hope you'll consider joining me over on facebook for daily fun and inspiration and I promise to update the blog for you often as well.

My winner is Crunchy Con Mom, whose comment I just accidentally deleted in my joy that she was my winner, but trust me, I love that her number was chosen. She sews in her laundry room, which is painted teal <3, and covets the cutting table her grandmother has that is "big enough to lie on" and will be asking for her to leave it to her in her will.

Congratulations Crunchy Con! I love that your handle sounds like it should be a convention in Northern CA. I'll email you details on your prize!

Now, the Hubba Hubba contest. Due to my running out of time this weekend and not being able to choose winners yet, I am extending entries til tomorrow, May 21, and I will choose a winner of the first packet of fabric tomorrow evening. Thursday May 22 I will announce the first winner, and will post the three photos you will be judging on for the second winner right here. My apologies for not being on top of this situation this weekend.

Congratulations, again, Crunchy Con Mom. Thank you all for participating and go enjoy whatever quilting space you have, because they all count.


Emily C said...

Haha. I am in the 'I wish I had a sewing space' camp. That font is perfect *chuckle*
I personally would love a Creepy Basement. Spiders run from me, they would soon be gone *evil grin*.
Love the Pie Charts, that is something I would do.
I must note, some towns do not have a Staples, hard as that may be to imagine. Also, some spaces may simply not have the room to contain one. more. thing. (you know them, their craft space looks like the next episode of Hoarders)

Judi Duncan said...

I guess I'm too late for the give away, but my sewing room lament would be that everyone keeps piling their junk in MY sewing room. I come home from work and there is mail in my chair or a pile of school books on my floor, or the dogs have dragged their bed in there....this list goes on and on....one time there was a car battery charger in there!

Material Girl said...

I love your comments. This article is hysterical. There are always those that have and then the have nots too.i sew with a woodstove and sofa,a den of sorts. I don't mind sharing. My design wall is the quilt that is hanging on the wall, I just pin pieces to it layer by layer. I also use an empty kitty litter bucket for a wastebasket- works great. I have an extra if someone needs one. So funny, we are only limited by ourselves. Really, ya just need fabric, needle and thread and something to cut with.....

AlidaP said...

The post is so funny!! :) I am happy that I am not the only one without a sewing studio... I am new to sewing and I felt that I was the only crazy person sewing on a side table in my living room... but apparently I am not alone, so now I really feel part of the quilting community!!!
Thanks for sharing those fun results!

Janet said...

Great post! I love your fun pie charts.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I love the pie charts, too, and have loved reading the comments on this post. :D I don't have a design wall either, and share my space with our computer desk and a floor full of legos. which can make getting to the ironing board tricky. I usually just clothespin a chunk of batting to the top shelf of my fabric shelves (i.e. garage type storage shelves from lowe's).. the fabric sticks to the batting great!

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