Monday, March 17, 2014

So It's Done...Now What Do I Do With It?

We all know the feeling of putting that last stitch in the binding, finishing a project that was either started last Tuesday (I'm talking to you, Angie), one that was languishing in the UFO basket for years, or something in between. Obviously we quilters, being the generous and giving sorts that we are, usually know where the quilt is destined to end up even before the first fabric is yanked from its place on the shelf or the bolt lovingly stroked in melodramatic ecstasy while standing in line at the quilt shop cutting table, but sometimes we actually make a quilt just to make a quilt. And those of us who design for a little profit as well as fun tend to do this often, and also have to store all of those quilts that we have to keep at the ready for lectures and shows.

I did mention I have well over 85 quilts in the house at last count, right?

Because I would prefer my family not have to live with piles of quilts just hanging out in the middle of the living room or stacked on the dining room table, I am always on the lookout for some cool new storage ideas. Not that I'm at a total loss for places to stick a quilt or two in my own home:

I do adore my apple ladders. Almost as much as I adore purple and teal. Extra props for those who saw this post on my Facebook page and recognized my sarcasm font.

Another joy of scrap quilts - they often go with everything! This one hangs out in the living room, but I could just as easily put it in the family room, bedroom, or even the garage if I was a fancy girl.

Turing this treadle into the powder room sink was our January project. This photo was taken this morning. Make lemons, hotties. 
Okay, okay. Stop the begging. I'll show you a photo of that quilt up there that you are dying to see. Another size is off to the quilter this morning, and pattern should be done very soon, thank God.
You thought you'd get the whole thing didn't you?
Side note - I was binding this baby at dance the other day, and all these dance moms kept exclaiming over its beauty. When I explained that they were exclaiming over the back of the thing and then turned it over so they could see the front, it was quite obvious that they liked the back better. And yet I am undeterred, because they are not quilters, and the quilters who have seen the "Happy Jacks" quilts in real life are much more enthused and some, who like me have no filter, have exclaimed "What a perfect backing fabric!" which we all know is Quilter for "Oh, which shop had that on their bargain rack, and Thank God you didn't put that on the front or you would have ruined it." This also taught me that dance moms like old lady fabrics. I'm a fan of learning something every day, but that was even more eye-opening than usual. I'm wondering if all the sequins have somehow ruined them for scrap quilts. It all left me wondering how many quilters are also dance moms besides me. Shout out if you are! I think we need to band together!

But back to quilt storage and display ideas. I know mine are really not the be all and end all of creativity, and I knew I could find more by dedicating a few hours to a Pinterest hunt. I was not disappointed. Check out these cute ideas!

 From Girls in the Garden
This is too pink for me, but I do love the concept. Thinking I might search some garage sales for a low bureau this spring!

 From Homegoods:
Don't everyone run out to the mall at once!

 From SisBoom:

Mom currently has her yoyo quilt hanging on the headboard of the 'girl' guest room. It's damaged, and missing chunks, so this way she can display it without risking it being messed with.
Apparently this yoyo quilt was too damaged to use as an actual bedcovering, but no one ever said you couldn't use one as a headboard.
 From a Flickr link

The Cupcake Quilt....could be a great runner or a one square mug rug also.
Cute cupcakes, even cuter hanging method!

 From Apartment Therapy

We do indeed have an unusable dropside crib in the basement-- love the idea of putting it to use.
This one left me saddened that I sold the cribs years ago.

 And if I ever get bored with my ladders standing against the wall, this idea from is pretty cool too:

Beehive Quilts: Great quilt display idea
Apparently some people even paint their ladders!
 As you might imagine, Pinterest has nine billion quilt storage ideas. These are only the ones that made the cut in my mind as doable and a little different. If you are looking for something crazier, I say go for it and be sure not to blame me when the project starts involving 27 trips to the hardware store and your March project becomes your July nightmare. Not that I know anything about that.


Angie said...

Hah! These are great ideas. I'm afraid to start counting my quilts... But if you find 2 of those low bureaus, let me know! And I have just the wall for a ladder hung sideways.


roberta mill said...

Former dance mom-kids are in their 20's. And I LOVE scrap quilts. (Now that I think about it-wasn't quilting when the kids were in dance)
I bet you might find old crib parts on the curb.

Renae said...

Hey, I'm working on one of those "I just have to make this quilt that goes with absolutely nothing in my house because I fell in love with the bright fabrics and a particular pattern" right now!

Loving the straight line quilting on the Jack quilt.

I'm a ballet/tap/jazz/Irish Step Dance Mom that can be won over with the right deployment of sequins but I will never ever budge in giving approval with anything to do with 1980's neon. Blech.

Lisa E said...

My girls are 15 and 17 and dancing like crazy. I have another dance competition to attend this weekend!

A Girl Named Speedy said...

I was remembering my many many years of being a dance mom and then realized my youngest still dances. Poor youngest children always get forgotten. I'm not really a dance mom any more though...I just drop her off and pick her up and show up for the performances. Don't judge...I've been at this parenting thing for a while now.

Love the quilt display ideas. And really? You have 85 quilts? You constantly impress and amaze me!!

Unknown said...

Your comment about the dance moms is similar to what I face in my other life as a costumer. My actors look at their costumes as though they are buying a store~bought outfit and not seeing how it looks on stage. Sometimes you just ha be to see the whole picture! Now I want to make a kitchen quilt just so I can hang it from a wooden spoon.ya

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