Thursday, March 27, 2014

Really Random? My middle name is Random

Read my friend Kelli's blog today, which is my favorite of all blogs ever except my own and you need to read it, and I was introduced to the idea of Really Random Thursday in blogland.

I am nothing if not random, and nothing if not a constant attention whore, and nothing if not always looking for a new blog post idea, so I am stealing Kelli's post outline of this list to let you in on my life as it is, today, Really Random Thursday, 3/27/14

Making : After a few days of sheer hell spent making countless diagrams to the point where I wanted to put my eyes out, I whipped up most of a table runner yesterday that has been in my head all year. Nothing is more exciting than a full day of sewing and loving the result.

Moditional Christmas tree
Cooking : Homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. Yum!

Drinking : Before 10am  - gallons of tea. After 10 am until 5 pm - oceans of water. Happy hour - standing date with J Lohr and friends. (Fun fact - My father in law went to high school with J Lohr. His name is actually Jerry. Impress all of your friends at your next cocktail party.)

 Reading: Quite a Year for Plums by Bailey White - picked up for 50 cents at the library book sale last weekend and worth every penny.

 Wanting: To have a reason to use my Eiffel Tower fabric

 Looking: Every day while out and about for any of the black bears in town that refuse to show themselves to me, but everyone else in town has seen them. Thinking of buying a whole mess of birdfeeders to lure them in.

Brynn's bear

Kirsty's bear

Joy's bear
 Playing: Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series on Audible while I sew.

As always, you are very welcome.
 Deciding: What to do about dinner tomorrow night, when I'm helping a friend by staying with her post operative 13 year old while she drives one of my girls to dance and another of my girls needs to somehow get to her 4:30 call time for a 7:00pm performance of Schoolhouse Rock and two of us really need a haircut and God forbid there not be a hot meal waiting on the table at 6:30.

In other words, just another day.

 Wishing: I didn't obsess about stuff I can't change.

 Enjoying: Watching dress rehearsals for Schoolhouse Rock and seeing how happy it makes my daughter to be on stage.

 Waiting: And waiting and waiting and WAITING for the release of "This is Where I Leave You," movie adaptation of my very favorite book of all time by the same name starring my very favorite smartass of all time, Jason Bateman. I may die of joy while watching it. If it ever comes out.

 Liking: The fact that I went outside without a coat on today and did not instantly freeze to death.

 Wondering: When someone will finally come up with a sarcasm font. Observe:

"I really enjoy how emotional my daughter gets over her science homework."  - ie, It is so great that my daughter loves science, wants to eat, sleep, and breathe it, and will cure cancer someday.


 "I really enjoy how emotional my daughter gets over her science homework." - ie OMG, this child needs to go to bed before we both end up in the crazy house.

See how helpful a sarcasm font would have been to let you know immediately that Paige was in bed by 7:50?

 Loving: How silly my girls are when they are not freaking out over science homework.
I also love that they still enjoy being quilt models.
Pondering: How amazing it is to me that I hit 900 fans on FB this week. The fact that anyone gives a hoot about my design life is just insanely crazy to me, but I love it!

Photo: Oh what a lovely and exciting thing to discover this morning! Kiss kiss!
Seriously nuts.
Considering: Going to swim laps tomorrow morning. Convince me.

Smelling: I hope I don't smell. In fact, since about fifth grade my nose actually doesn't work well at all, which is more a blessing than a curse. But in any case, I am currently and usually am at any given time smelling nothing.

Wearing: Well, it's after 8pm on a weeknight, so pajamas.

Noticing: How crazy hot my husband is. He's no Jamie Fraser or anything, but he'd make the cut if my guild ever made a Hot Husbands of Squanicookies calendar. More importantly, he'd be totally onboard. And even though he's not perfect, he still makes me laugh and makes me happy after almost 19 years, so that must be a good thing.

Knowing: The truth of this statement used to make me say "Oh God please tell me I'll feel that way ever." and now it makes me cry a little because this was just yesterday, wasn't it?

The Days Are Long, The Years Are Short.

Admiring: My pretty teal toes. Tis the season! Toes and Ovarian Cancer Awareness!

Buying: I still need a new Crock Pot because even after asking where everyone got theirs on FB the other day, I have not had time to actually go to the trouble to purchase one. Damn the other one for dying after 11 hard years of use.

Getting: Pumped to sew all the extras to Paige's dance competition and wondering why these things never come finished? For 85 bucks a pop, not only should there be no sewing left to do, the costumes should be encased in gold.

Feeling: Blessed that any of you cared enough to read this far.


Jeneta said...

Swim! Swim! I'd send you your own bear, but considering that koalas are not actually bears it probably wouldn't count. Plus, koalas are very picky eaters. I love your Christmas tree!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

If I were there I'd swim laps with you. That is perhaps the only form of exercise that I truly enjoy. :D And it uses all of your muscles.. and is FUN. Like not even exercising fun. :) I'm loving the colors and all of the dots in your runner. You have to pay me a royalty for using my trademarked word, though. hehe ;)

pennydog said...

Go swim, damn it, so I can be supremely envious of your fit lifestyle whilst I sit and weep into my pile of biscuits.

Started following Kelli's blog.

Mair said...

Yes, go swim! (Although this is late enough in the morning I hope you have already done this or are there doing it now.)

Love the random thoughts. May have to steal that for my blog some time.

Terri said...

YES SWIM! If you get a waterproof i-pod (I have one - it's FAB!) You can even listed to Diana Gabaldon WHILE you swim! LOVE LOVE LOVE - swimming with audio books - and your FAB blog

Live a Colorful Life said...

Thank you for linking up to Really Random. This was awesome! Come back again!

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