Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drop and Give Me a Commitment Statement!

It's that time! You can now make your commitment statement to join Drop and Give Me Twenty 2014. NOTE: This commitment statement is to be made within a blog post on your own blog, or on your own facebook page or somewhere you can link to the linky from. If you have any questions about how to do that and link to the linky, please let me know. I will be happy to help you out!

I have forever preached that if you can regularly practice quilting or sewing or even just sorting thread or caressing fabric for twenty minutes every single day, you will be amazed by how much you can accomplish in a week, a month, a year, etc. Drop and Give Me Twenty is my way of getting a group together to give it a try. So far I have yet to end up with a participant who didn't accomplish anything, which I figure is a good record.

 See the official DAGMT page for all of the details, including a fill in the blanks style commitment statement for you to use if you like. Please remember that ALL DAGMT activity required for entries (linking your commitment to the linky, leaving comments about your other entries, etc) should occur on the DAGMT home page. I really do need it all in one place so that I can keep track of who is doing what. Thank you.

Since I am not just a DAGMT founder, but I am also a participant, here is my required commitment statement:

"I, Beth Helfter, Founder of DAGMT, Scrap Sorter Extraordinaire, and Quilter Afflicted with TMPD (Too Many Projects Disorder), do commit to actual sewing for two hours a day, every day, for the entire month of February. In doing so I hope to stay on top of the several new patterns I have in development as well as not fall behind on my very first Scrap Squad project because that would really be embarrassing and just plain horrible. My family may well be eating sandwiches three times a week for dinner, but they will deal."

 And now I'm off to add it to the linky and back to the sewing machine. Because my DAGMT is pretty much every day, really, and I hope yours will be too by 2/28!


Kim said...

Wow girl--two hours a day! Way to make my commitment of 20 minutes seem small and insignificant! ;) Seriously, it usually ends up being more than 20--but the 20 is safe in terms of a daily goal.

Can't wait to see your first scrap squad quilt!

Rebana Jepara said...

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A Girl Named Speedy said...

Ok...I'm in and then I find out you're committing to 2 hours a day. Wowzer! I can't wait to see all that you manage to get done. In fact, I'm kind of impressed with all you get done anyway. I'm shooting for 20 mins a day, but the reality is that if I sit down, it's always going to be for more than 20 mins because who can sit for ONLY 20 mins to work on quilts? not me, that's for sure.

thanks for the challenge. I'm excited to see what everyone gets done. you'll have to go read my blog, but you'll like one of the projects I plan to finish :).

Living with the Lioness said...

I am in again for this year ... added the badge to my blog, and my FaceBook page ... I will add my links as well but here is my statement

I, the QuiltingLioness, possessor of too many UFOs and/or more fabric than I can hope to use up in two lifetimes, am joining Quilting Hottie Haven's third annual DaGMT event, and pledge to quilt for at least 20 minutes every day of the month of February, 2014. In doing so I hope to finish two commissions, one contest submission, reclaim my creative energy, clear out the clutter in my studio, make way for more fabric purchases, and ensure that my heirs DO someday have to sort through dozens of UFOs and then sell them for $50 each at a yard sale.

Additionally I believe Beth Helfter (Quilting Hottie is evil AND brilliant for coming up with this concept and inspiring / guilting / shaming / motivating me to join.

Linda in Arkansas said...

Thanks so much for doing this again. I just love it and last year I did sew each day of Feb. (and Jan - and most of March. A good thing just keeps on going!)

Shauna said...

2 hours a day, you go girl!!! I'm going to struggle with the 20 minutes, but am going to give it a valiant effort.

sem464 said...

I am impressed with your devotion to the quilting community! By setting this up, you are helping so many of us. Thanks again!

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