Wednesday, January 8, 2014

C'Mon Get Scrappy! 2014 Group Quilt and Block Swap now accepting participants!

I'm not really sure why, but lately I've been all about the flying goose. Not the type where you unexpectedly sneak up behind your daughter and gently pinch her butt to see her scream with delight and jump in the air, although those are fun too, but the quilting flying goose. There are just so many ways to arrange them, and for a traditional block, they can look pretty modern.

You may be thinking, and rightly so, that with their points and precision they don't quite fit in my "Fun Over Fuss" motto. To you I say - I could not care less if your points are perfect. Just make some geese already.

Copyright 2014, EvaPaige Quilt Designs
I always think it is going to be just so darn easy to come up with a block I like for the annual scrappy group quilt, but in looking back at all the drawings I have in EQ each year prior to deciding on a block to use, that is definitely not the case. This year was particularly entertaining, with 32 blocks in the sketchbook not making the cut. Apparently number 33 is the charm.

But 32 rejects just for one project. That is definitely a record for me. And a whole lot of unreached potential for goose pate, in this case. I was starting to feel the mojo was gone forever. Never fear! We're on track to creating a stunning new group quilt, and I hope you'll all consider joining the fun.

For those unfamiliar, each year I host a block swap that results in my being able to make a cover quilt for a new scrappy pattern. I will be honest in saying that I am totally using you: for your scraps, for your testing abilities, for the fact that every quilter makes a resolution in January to use up their scraps, and so I don't have to make as many blocks and get a cool new quilt out of the deal. But I do try to be a giver as well as a user, and that's where the block swap part comes in. Each year it is a little different than the last as far as how many blocks you make and get back, but I have yet to hear a complaint from any participants. Seriously. I've just sat here and tried to think of someone being unhappy that they participated and/or felt used and slighted and I can't do it.

Feeling the love.

So, you want to make me some blocks and get enough back to make the baby version of this pattern-in-development? Read on for the basic details:

In this swap, you will make five 12 ½” (unfinished size) blocks. More details on how the block is made, what colors to use, etc, is available and will be sent to participants individually once they sign up.

Swap rules and guidelines:

  •   Make five blocks and six border geese using the directions provided.  Use white solid or white tone on tone (no cream please) for the background fabric.
  • Place all five blocks into a ziplock bag which has been labeled with your name and address.
  • Procure two large mailing envelopes – the kraft paper kind is fine, no need for USPS flat rate or priority. Self address one of them. Place the SA envelope, the directions whether or not you have made notes on them, and your ziplock bag into the other envelope, and mail it all to me by 2/10.  
  • One block made by each person will be kept by me to use in the cover quilt for the pattern. The other four will be swapped about by me and each participant will receive four blocks back made by other quilters, which will be enough for you to complete a baby quilt in the layout I have determined for the pattern just by adding a border and some setting blocks. Coolness.  
 If you are interested in participating in my 2014 Scrappy Group Quilt, email me at right now! Operators are standing by! Or they might be sewing! Or doing laundry! But in any case, they will get back to you with directions and all the extra details as soon as possible. I will take signups from the moment I hit Publish until Monday, January 13.

 So, who's in?


meg said...

:) Testing blocks is the highlight of the year! Even if the year is only 7 days old!

judabelle said...

Count me in!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I'm in. What's more fun than this?

Gotcha Covered Quilting said...

You know how much I like to test things out. count me in!

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