Monday, July 1, 2013

Three down, 58 to go

It's the official first day of summer break, first weekday anyway, and let's recap the joys, shall we? I'll be using a Con/Pro format so as not to look like all I am doing here is complaining, although you know it is really only a way to thinly veil my disgust of this day.

CON: After our new pop up pool caused a massive sand slide and deluge all over our backyard yesterday, I decided to see if the water company would give us a break on the sewage treatment costs. They found my tale of woe tear-jerking, but no luck.

PRO: I found the Water Department in my town, which is hidden in the middle of nowhere, and somehow inspired Greta to want to grow up to work at the Water Department. So we can check off both "Intown Field Trip" and "Career Day." Also, the sand people will deliver, and gave me a break on the cost "because I deserved a break and was so delightful to do business with."

CON: We did not have cameras rolling during the pool explosion, and therefore we will not be winning 10K on AFV.

PRO: The world will never see the horror.

CON: Spent two hours on phone with various appliance companies and extended warranty people to determine that indeed Mr. QH and I did NOT purchase extended warranty on our refrigerator three years ago, and we possibly now have an issue. I realize I have never mentioned it, but this fridge is not my favorite appliance to begin with, so how dare it act up. (Fun fact - my favorite appliance is my garbage disposal.)

PRO: Found a "Repair Plus One" service that might work, and today the fridge is behaving.

CON: Removed four large trash bags of crap from my children's rooms.

PRO: Removed four large trash bags of crap from my children's rooms and no one insisted on going through the bags to make sure I did not throw away a National Treasure such as the necklace made of old magazine pages I found under Eva's bed or the "baby tooth and half sucked on cough drop" piece of modern art I found under Paige's.

CON: My children are gross.

PRO: They are cute.

CON: Spent an hour in the basement because we were under a tornado warning. This has not happened in so long I almost forgot how to prepare, and did indeed leave the basement door hanging open to helpfully guide any tornado downward to us.

PRO: No tornado, no one freaked out, and the sewing studio even got partially cleaned. (Fun Fact: No half eaten or sucked on food was discovered in MY domain.)

Fifty eight and counting. It has to get a little better, right?


Unknown said...

Do I have to be the one to inform you that the day isn't over yet?

Barbara Chojnacki said...

PRO: It is now Cocktail Hour!

Angie said...

CON: Joe drank all the vodka!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Here's hoping that cooking dinner goes smoothly. :)

Renae said...

We are in the process of fridge shopping. Which model should I steer clear from in your opinion??

Jeneta said...

Hey - that sounds like my place (minus the tornado, though I would LOVE a basement!)!!

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