Thursday, February 21, 2013

The big reveal....of the couch

Day 21, and I must admit to making some progress. Remember this photo? It is my studio couch, covered in all of the UFOs I planned to finish during DaGMT.

This is the same couch, taken 10 minutes ago.

You know you are impressed by my UFO killing skills, if not by my ability to straighten the slipcover before taking a photo. 

I will take this opportunity to admit that the blue scrappy quilt (Kickin' Stash for those in the know) in the bottom center of the first photo actually isn't done. It is packed away for a lecture this evening, wherein I will unfurl it and proclaim it to be "summerweight" so as to avoid apologizing for showing  an unfinished top. But it is next on the UFO pile to be finished, as it is to be a wedding gift for a late summer wedding from 2012 and my year grace period is running out.

I finished this cute bedrunner sort of thing yesterday, while supervising five girls at the roller rink. My three will never be able to be seen in public again, as I was the mom SEWING at the roller rink. The horror.
I will give one million dollars to anyone who can give me a valid reason for the existence February break with which I can wholeheartedly agree. Good luck with that.

I honestly don't know what ever possessed me to make this little quilt. It is fairly cute, but it is such an odd size. Too wide for a table runner, too short for a real bedrunner, and no way can it be used for a lap quilt; unless one was to just wrap it around their waist and wear it as a jaunty skirt, I truly am not sure what I was thinking beyond "Here is a piece of white fabric. Perhaps I will make something out of it."

I do have to say the little flowers, while a bit pale on the white background, are so cute and modernesque. I may end up doing something better with them soon.

And remember the little tupperware bucket of entries into the DaGMT prize drawings? We're almost outgrowing our second bin, the meat marinating tub. I hate to have to change it up to an even bigger bin, only because I love how this looks like a little litter box under my desk.
Be sure to keep commenting on blogs, uploading your photos to the flickr, and finishing projects! All of those things will get you more entries for the fabulous prizes.


Pat V. said...

Perhaps the weird-sized quilt is a raffle prize for some good cause? I've been sewing daily -- well nearly, but I figure the days that were way more than 20 minutes cover the ones I missed when I had the flu. But I totally forgot about posting pics! Better get on that this weekend!

Kim said...

I love the lap-apron! LOL I went on a sewing spree on Wednesday-- twelve hours!!! I think I have the entire month covered now, but I still am working. Some time was spent watching free motion videos, practicing doodling quilting patterns and figuring out how to make some cornerstones for a quilt top. (Of course I screwed up the math on the strips between the corner stones! And, hadn't I just read, like twice that day, about trying to make just one of a block to make sure it all works out? Umm yea, so I sewed all of those corner stones and strips together at one time---THEN had to undo them to shorten the strips! UGH!!!!)

Linda in Arkansas said...

That is quite a big difference seeing your before and after couch shots. Good for you. I've been trying to keep up with the 20 min. This week was hard, next week will be better.

cyndiofthevortex said...

Your pink flower quilt is awesome! I love those flowers. They have a traditional feel to them with just enough funk thrown in. Love that shade of green with them, too.

Kate said...

I have been diligently sewing everyday, but I still can't see the couch in the sewing room. What am I doing wrong?
Don't worry about the kids not going out in public. I was the Mom who knit in public, and now that they are adults, they ask me to knit things for them!

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