Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Drop and Give Me Twenty Commitment

The "Drop and Give Me Twenty" linky is now open, and has even been tested for user-friendliness. I am happy to announce that no bones were broken when I fell out of my chair upon realizing I had figured it all out on the first try.

So if the linky is now open, I should probably be the first to officially enter my own event, and show you exactly how it is done, so this blog entry will contain my officially worded entry statement, after I bring you on a tour of my UFO pile.

Things to consider when looking at this photo:

1. This is a small sampling of the UFOs from my UFO basket.
2. The youngest is a month old, the oldest is 4 years old. They range in size from table runner to queen.
3. There is a couch under there.
4. I would like to quilt them all in February, provided I get the damn belt on my quilting machine fixed.
5. I likely will not succeed at this task, but I'm willing to give it a go.

Look what else I found in my UFO basket, which you can see a smidgen of to the right of the couch in the photo.

That would be a Christmas gift - To Me! Yay! - that apparently fell into the basket a month or so ago and was lost in the piles of insanity. It explains a cryptic message I received from my father the day after Christmas about how to use the hot pad they had given us properly, when I had not in fact received a hot pad. My UFO basket had received a hot pad. I am now thinking of putting the UFO basket in charge of Wednesday night dinner.

And a little sneaky peek - My main February project will be working on and continuing to write this new pattern, which will also be the basis for our next group project. Details coming later this week or I am giving up.

I also needed to show this, the most perfect clock EVER to have in my sewing room for this event, given to me as a gift by my friend Angie, who bought one for me and one for herself with DaGMT in mind. You have to love a friend who is all about "one for me, one for you."

I mean really, it could not be more perfect. An actual clock on the top, and a timer on the bottom, so I can set it and not allow myself to unchain my butt from the sewing machine until it starts chiming at me. Brilliant! We all need an Angie in our lives.

So, without further ado, my official DaGMT statement:

"I, Beth Helfter, founder of DaGMT and therefore possessing no good excuse not to participate, do pledge to actively sew for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes per day for the entire month of February. In doing so, I hope to complete 8 UFOs and make serious forward progress on "Taking Names", because how awesome will it be to make Kelli Fannin and myself wear aprons or shirts or something at market that say "Quilting Hotties Kick Stash and Take Names"?"

The 2013 Flickr for all participants to upload photos of their progress will be up and running on 2/1/13. I'll be sure to let you all know when it is ready to go.

Inspired to join? Head on over to the linky party and link up to your own statement on your blog or social page. I believe it works for any web address, but if linking to something other than a blog doesn't work, go ahead and just enter your statement in the comments section of the DaGMT page and I'll consider you entered for the prizes! Don't forget to grab a blog button for your own blog for an extra entry.


A.G. Lindsay said...

"I, A.G. Lindsay, who does this normally and therefore has no problem promising to do it ('cause I was going to to it anyway...and, hey, there's prizes), do pledge to actively sew for at least 30 minutes per day (probably more) for the entire month of February. In doing so, I hope to complete SOMETHING, anything really (or at least use up some of my stash.)

Oh yes, I will continue to use the Pig timer...

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Kickin' Stash & Taking Names.. that's right. Don't mess with us. ;)

Anonymous said...

I, M. C. Wolf, who does quilting and quilt restoration as a business, promise to actively sew ON MY OWN PROJECTS, including my son's 10-years-overdue wedding quilt, for at least 45 minutes a day in the month of February hoping to complete said wedding quilt and start the next one for daughter married for 8 years. (All 7 grand kids have quilts though). I also pledge to include organizing my scraps and cutting them into usable sizes for 30 minutes once a week!

Kim said...

Thanks for encouraging us all to finish up what we started, or haven't started but received as gifts years ago, or sorted the fabric for but haven't cut yet, or.... I could go on-and I am a NEW quilter! LOL I look forward to sewing away with everyone.

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