Monday, December 17, 2012

UFOapalooza and the blog hop winner!

In the wake of the events of last Friday, I want to extend my thoughts, prayers, and love to the families of the victims. A friend of mine put it best when she said she felt like we were in the wake of 9/11 all over again, so senseless and horrible was the crime, and so far reaching the sorrow. We all feel like we want to do something to help, but there is a profound helplessness in knowing there isn't anything we can do to fix it. It's hard for me to know if it is okay to go on being amusing on a quilting blog when the world has thrown this at us and my heart is aching. However, it is part of what I do, and I hope I can make someone smile and forget for a little while the reality of what we have been through. Please know that  I may appear to be back to business as usual, but I promise you that as the mom of a Kindergartener whose three kids go to a K-4 school less than 200 miles from this horrible incident, I have been rocked by this as much as any of us and the victims' families are in my constant thoughts.

Hoe. Lee. Cow.

Hotties, you have outdone yourselves and the quilting industry and thrown my day into utter shock and awe. You have also proven my theory that quilters suffer from a very special form of ADHD, much like the kind the dog in "Up" seems to have, where we will be working along on a project but see something even prettier and yell "Quilt!", toss the current project aside, and off we go to the fabric shop to start a new project.

It turns out I way underestimated you. So let's break it down.

Number of quilters who took time to comment and respond to my "How many UFOs do you have?" query:  130

Total UFOs actually admitted to: 1885

Mean number of UFOs per quilter:  14.5

Median: I have better things to do than list all of the answers in order, so who knows.

Mode: 20-25

High: 80

Low: 2 (of those who admitted to any at all)

Number who refused to admit to how many they have, for fear we would all show up at their door with pitchforks and flaming torches, apparently: 4.

Number who claim to have zero, but I am not sure I believe them: 2.

Number who don't count pieced and quilted, yet unbound and therefore not finished, quilts as UFOs - 3.

Number of bloggers who write this blog who do: 1, therefore in the grand total, the "done but unbound" were counted.

Number who confess to having UFOs in three different states: 1.

Number who "just started quilting in October, so I had to look up what a UFO was": 1.

Number of UFOs the newbie October quilter already has: 3.

Number of quilters who have some sort of UFO accounting system: 6

Number of years one commenter has been wrapping the same UFO Christmas tree skirt around her tree trunk: 10.

Number of UFOs I have, because it is only fair that I out myself as well: 17.

Number of current UFOs I anticipate will get done at some point in my lifetime: Maybe 6.

Number of commenters who need to join DaGMT: 130. See you in February, but also hopefully sooner.

I truly loved this thread and will be sad to see it end. But before it does, there is one more number you have all been waiting for, and that is the winning number.


Which translates to Connie of "Freemotion by the River" blog fame. Connie admits to "at least 50" UFOs but caveats, as if we might take them all away if she doesn't have a good excuse for so many, with "most of them are not full sized quilts."  She hopes to finish an Irish Chain soon, but I feel certain that the second she opens her prize package from me another UFO will bite the dust, if only temporarily.

Congratulations Connie! 

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Thanks so much Beth, I can't wait to make another UFO.....or two with those great fabrics!

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