Monday, April 23, 2012

The Toesies Knowsies - Update on OCRF promotion

Be it my fabulously Trophy Wife-ish teal toes or my rapier wit or even my cute haircut that is often the subject of one or more questions during the Q and A section of my lecture, the bottom line is my "Toe and Sew" promotion for OCRF is racking up the bucks this month.

I'd love to think my talent as a designer is part of it too, but I don't want to be greedy. I'll take whatever it is that will help us stamp out OC, and I am humbled to be able to do a small part to fund the fight.

Fun story regarding the big reason I am doing this promotion: my mom. Last week I had the pleasure of stopping off in Waterford CT (don't look for it on the map) on the way home from my family's trip to Washington DC to give my lecture to Clamshell Quilt Guild and spend the evening with a group of grown women, not one of whom interrupted me to say "She's touching me!" or "Mom! She's breathing too loud!" It was bliss. Anyway, during the social hour, a lovely woman came up to me to ask if I knew that someone in the guild knew me. I resisted the urge to think I had a stalker and asked what she meant; it turns out, her husband went to high school with my parents. Shout out for Griswold High School class of 1961!

She was quick to point out (needlessly, I might add, as she was youthful and stunning) that her husband was 8 years older than her. This meant two things: my mom had been one of her teachers when she was in high school and mom was student teaching, and a few years later when she (Sandy) began dating her dashing older man of a future husband (I've seen the yearbook. He was a hottie.), my mom had actually told him that he should stop dating Sandy and find someone closer to his own age. I had heard this story from my dad last summer as Sandy and John and Dad had all reunited at the 50 year reunion, but it is such a Grace Kerr story that I had to love it all over again.

Anyone wondering where I get my directness from can just refer to that story all you need to.

In the end, Clamshell did me good, and we raised well over $100 for OCRF in that evening alone. Other sales are pumping along (Kickin' Stash especially is kicking some butt, proving that it was aptly named), and I really am hoping to be able to send $300 to OCRF if possible. We shall see! If you are on the fence about that new pattern, hopefully knowing that 25% of the price will go directly to OCRF will help you jump off and start sewing!

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Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Wow, I have TWO of your patterns now, and both have been free.. I'm thinking I should head over there and donate to the cause! I'm glad you're back in blog land. :) Hope you had a fun time in DC, Clamshell sounds like a blast!

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