Thursday, February 23, 2012

DaGMT Day 23 - "Lazy Daisy"

I was reminded today of why I don't do BOMs very often.

As you may recall, if you have been reading regularly and have a short term memory larger than an ant, that yesterday I pulled some old orphan blocks I'd found at my guild meeting a few years ago out of my UFO pile, and made a third to go with them. Today I tried, using my silly little Elna machine, to put them all together in a runner.

Cute, huh? But not without frustration.

First problem: The blocks which I assumed were 12 1/2" square in fact were 11" and 11 1/2" square. Mine, I would like to point out, was perfectly 12 1/2" square.

I'm perfect so rarely that when it happens now and then I feel a shout out to myself is in order. I appreciate any humoring of me you can muster.

Second problem: I don't own a lot of pink fabrics. So what was I going to do for borders/bindings/etc?

I decided to use a fabric I love but that had a bit of yellow and green in it along with the pink to make the blocks kind of tilty, then I cut all the blocks down to 14 1/2". Weird size, but hey, now they are all the same.

Then I made some cute candy striped sashings. Tomorrow I'll get to the top and bottom borders, which will also be the cute candy stripes. It was all I could do to get these suckers on without throwing the Elna across the room.

I also made a trip to Wegmans, visited a friend, joined Pinterest, celebrated our three new goldfish surviving the night, and worked a bit on the directions to KS. Come on now, you know you are impressed with my productivity during vacation week numero uno.

Just a few more days til DaGMT is over. Here's hoping you are on the road to accomplishing all you wanted to and more!


Granny Anne said...

So, how very smart you are! This ia a great way to end up with square blocks and I have learned a new trick from you. Your blocks come out looking like photographs of sweet daisies.

meg said...

Cute and clever way to size up the blocks!

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