Thursday, February 2, 2012

DaGMT Day 2: "Circular Wonderment"

Today was a day of prepping for machine quilting, realizing I need some more backing fabric in order to actually quilt tomorrow, kicking myself in the head for not taking care of this BEFORE DaGMT started, and rallying by getting some handwork done.

"HANDWORK??????" those of you who know me are saying. "The Queen of Jewel-it doing HANDWORK?" Why yes. Yes I did do some. Get over yourselves and admire it.

All these little circles are part of a quilt I helped several other designers create last year, and I had put off the quickie embroidery accents until now. It was a lot of fun to choose the contrasting colors of floss for each set of circles and I love that the design is totally imperfect and therefore my stitches could be too.

All those stitches represent about one hour and a lot of thread changes and needle threading. Circles done: Yes. Figuring out who that very metrosexual man hosting with Kelly today on Live was while I did it: Nope. Anyone know? Whoever he was, he was wearing more eyeliner than all of us put together, I am sure.

The next thing I did also fell in the "Fun with Circles" realm and was truly just way too much fun. I used a bunch of the scraps from this project to make buttons with all these random button covers I had lying around.

Aren't they awesome? I had so much fun making them that I practically ripped my studio apart trying to see if I could find any more of the button kits. I am pretty sure I inherited a bunch from my mom, but I couldn't find them this morning. Bummer. But I may have a new favorite way of using up scraps.

SO...what did YOU do today?


Laurie @ ... And In My Spare Time I Quilt said...

Yesterday I finished up a zippered clutch for a guild swap next week. You can see a picture on my blog Tonight is another guild meeting; I go straight from work, so I probably won't get home until around 9:30. I will try to work on my hexies before I go to bed.

Laurie @ ... And In My Spare Time I Quilt said...

and I like your embroidered circles!

LInda Pearl said...

Well, it wasn't quite after 10 PM today, but I'm still going to aim for morning time. Today I worked on a UFO - a Haitian sun block which is for the Museum. I'd show the picture at some point - but it's rather unimpressive as of now - blue background, yellow fabric...yes, it's a sun. Will embellish it tomorrow - hoping to get in the mail by the weekend. ...

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