Thursday, November 10, 2011

E-commerce and me, a love story

I hate shopping. I truly do. Shopping in actual stores, that is. The hassle of driving 12 miles to even find civilization in the form of row upon row of box store, the fact that I hate box stores, and the fact that it is taking up valuable quilting time to do it all combine to make me avoid most real live shopping at all costs.

Now, internet shopping is another thing entirely. You don't have to drive anywhere. You don't have to risk life and limb in a mall parking lot, and you don't have to stand in a line waiting 6 hours at the cutting table of JoAnn's or waiting on a price check at Target. You don't even have to be wearing clothes if you don't want to, although in general I don't take it quite that far.

I love that not only can I do almost all of my Christmas shopping on line now ( has 25% off Marie Grace and Cecile stuff until Sunday, just letting you know!) but now I can even do a lot of my quilting supply shopping online too. Allow me to tell you of two of my favorite sites, both of which feature some of my patterns. I'd enjoy them regardless, but that does make them all that much sweeter. is now featuring five of my designs, the latest upload being "Diamond Dazzle". The 16 page booklet-style pattern costs $12.50, and can be downloaded instantly to allow you to start quilting immediately. No waiting for the mail. No driving to the quilt shop. Just click, print, and sew. Lots of designers on there even have free patterns to download. It's for sure a "make a cup of tea before you open the homepage" kind of site - you are going to be there a while. is my friend Terri's online shop, which is awesome in that it always has cool gadgets and great prices, but is now featuring several of my patterns, including "Funky Tree Farm" and "Blizzard Buddies" just in time for the Christmas season. Check her site out and I know you will find some fabulous item you can't live without.

Happy Jammie Shopping!

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