Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, the humanity

Of me, that is... At great risk of all of you opening your eyes to the fact that my perfection is overrated philosophy extends into the rest of my life now and then and comes back to haunt me, I must take this opportunity to admit I unwittingly have confused at least 12 quilters in the last week and possibly more depending on how far reaching the problem became, and now I am confusing all of you so let's get to the True Confession: I discovered yesterday afternoon that my latest "pattern stuffing while watching 'Dancing with the Stars' and drinking some shiraz" session resulted in my leaving the cutting chart out of about two dozen Syncopated Ribbons patterns that may well be flying about the country as we speak. I know many of them are centered in the Irondequoit NY area, where I was a guest of Irondequoit Quilt Club this week and made many members fall in love with and purchase this incomplete pattern. As for the rest, I have no idea where they may have landed, and if you have one, please contact me immediately for that page and more grovelling. Because that is always fun for everyone. I absolutely apologize for the omission of this vital page. So please, if you are a victim of my stupidity, please contact me immediately! Thank you!

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