Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 - A Very Colorful Year

It's time once again for the yearly wrapup of my accomplishments. Note that I create these collages each year not to brag about how prolific I am, but to prove to myself that I actually got something done this year. I love my job, I love working both from home and on the road and doing something I love, but there are days and weeks where I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. These collages show me I did a little more than that, although let's be amused by how the wheel shape shows up prominently this year, as if begging to be spun.

So what do I have to show for myself? Thankfully a few things. Taking it in columns, here we go:

Column One:

Big Old Star. This was the quilt that I decided to pebble, all 80" square of it. Then I decided to never do that again. It's all described in painstaking and snarky detail HERE.

Give it a Scrap Slap Debut. My newest and perhaps best lecture yet. Who couldn't love a presentation including the word "Granimally." Shout out to all the 1970s kids and moms! I can't wait to give it again in a couple of days.

Santa's Hat Trick. What do you know? Hexies make pictures too! Love this cute pillow and runner pattern.

Hexcited. 2015 was the year I stepped out of the box (AGAIN!) and tried English paper piecing. I don't know why or what possessed me. However this mini is divine, I must say. 

Column Two:

A Mini Nervous Breakdown. My block for Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Volume 12. Miniaturized and made nine times. Because what else did I have to do that week?

Finally Finished. Started in 1982, when I was 12, this project is finally finished. It was one of those UFOs I for some reason just couldn't bring myself to toss, and I'm glad I didn't.

Teal Mini Swap swap quilt. I loved this cute little project, which went to my partner in TX, but I much more loved joining together with 200 quilters to raise over $2000 for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Please consider joining us in 2016!

Facebook Freebie. In my never ending marketing research of what works and what doesn't when it comes to generating interest in my little business, this block was given away on my FB page for a short time in late summer. You never know when I might do something like that on a whim. Sometimes I don't even know.

Column Three:

Crystallize. Against everything the purists like when it comes to a pattern cover photo, I took this photo of this pattern in the snow, hanging from a tree. In this little bit of market research, I've discovered some like it, some love it, some hate it. Kind of like Every. Other. Pattern. Out. There. will generate an opinion about the cover photo. So in the end, I like it, and I'm glad I did it.

A Snowball's Chance. The final "inspired by" pattern from my Scrap Squad year. You'd never know I don't love pink, either from this quilt or from my stash and scraps. I do love this design, though.

Column Four:

Random EPP thing. I needed a space filler in this collage. True story.

Quilts from 100 Blocks. I called the block "Sun Shower," Quiltmaker called this quilt made from it "Floral Lunch" or some such thing, either way my friend Jeanne called it a 50th bday gift after it was published.

Hexies a la Mode. This was the 2015 pattern that almost killed me. Every year has one. 

Harlequin Shake. Is it possible it's almost time for another January group quilt ? This one made me happy last year!

So as it turns out, 2015 was a good year. Five new published patterns, a new lecture, some UFOs that desperately needed to become FOs, and a new technique to be obsessed with for a bit. Thanks for sticking with me through it all, and I hope your 2015 collage is just as inspirational! If you make one (I did mine on, I'd love to be tagged on FB (EvaPaige Quilt Designs) or IG (@evapaigequilts) to see yours!

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