Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Announcing the "In the 'Hood" Summer Mystery!

Suite Life, the tablerunner sized result of my first mystery!
Fair warning: Once I try something and it works, I'm pretty apt to try it again. I really am only human in that a positive experience gives me a new reason for designing for you, and I really do enjoy repeating successful programs for all of you to enjoy. Here's hoping I wasn't a one hit wonder with my first mystery project last fall!

This summer I present the EPQD "In the 'Hood" Summer Mystery! Unlike the Jingle Jumble of last fall that resulted in my popular Suite Life pattern (two sizes and styles, plus a bonus project #shamelessplug), this is no "mini" mystery. This is a full blown (50" square) quilt! Why? Because I felt like it. That's pretty much it.

And since it isn't a seasonal design, there's no need to make a smaller project like the nutcracker guys runner was just to get it done in time for the holidays. Oh no. You can start this baby with us, receive the clues along the way, and you'll have 9 full weeks of summer to get it done if you keep up. If not, eh. You'll finish it eventually and you won't feel like you missed the perfect season to use it.  Or gift it. Or ball it up and throw it on the UFO pile, to remain unquilted until 2027. It's your quilt. I don't judge what you do with it.

So how does this work? I'm so glad you are going to let me tell you!

What is the "In The 'Hood" mystery?
Well, it's a mystery, so I really can't tell you. Ha! Kidding. A mystery quilt is one that you create step by step through a series of staggered clues, that if written well enough and/or the quilter is just not thinking the same way I do should only reveal the true pattern at the very end. This mystery will consist of five clues, released via email bi-weekly starting Friday, June 23. The first clue begins with supply list and cutting and the last will have you completing the entire quilt top. 

Why should I do this mystery?
  • You love a puzzle
  • You only have 14 current projects going and you like to have at least 20
  • You've made one or two of my patterns in the past and like my style
  • You've never made one of my patterns but you've heard good things
  • You've never heard of me or my patterns but you love a new experience
  • You're always up for an adventure
  • You have fabric you'd like to play with
  • You're looking for an excuse to go fabric shopping
  • You believe quilting is a four season activity 
  • Your children are home from school and you need to lock yourself away for an hour or two here and there
So basically, if you like to sew, and you like a good project, you should do it!

When will clues be released?
I'll release clues every other Friday, starting on June 23 and ending on August 18. This will give ample time (2 weeks) between each release for you to complete the clue, even with summer activities taking us away from our sewing rooms on occasion.

What if I fall behind?
Well, we won't flog you. It's summer. You do your best to keep up. The worst that will happen is you'll maybe see the end product after the last clue is released before you have a chance to finish. This should only enhance your desire to finish it eventually.

How will my clues be delivered?
When you purchase the mystery package, I'll enter your email into the clue distribution email list. Every time a new clue is released, you will automatically receive it in your email by noon on the release day.

What if I sign up mid-summer? Will I still get all the clues? 
Of course! You can sign up any time, and whatever clues have already been released will be sent the day you sign up. Then your email will be added to the distribution and you'll get the next one along with everyone else. My MIL used to tell me I was crazy efficient. I promise to prove her right!

Is it important for me to give you my real email address when I order, rather than the one I use for spam, or is it okay if I give you the spam one and then send you a frustrated email because I can't find the clues?
So, yeah. That happens. A lot. I can only send clues (or pdf purchases, which is where this tends to happen more) to where you tell me to send clues. I know it is probably reflex to put a spam email into online purchases, but please try to give me your real one so we can both be happy with the outcome when I send the clues. I promise I don't add you to my newsletter distribution unless you've checked the box that says that is okay.

Is there a cost?
The mystery will cost $5 - that's just $1 per clue.

Where do I sign up?
You may sign up starting June 16 HERE.

I hope to see you all "In the 'Hood" this summer!

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Susan Hartley said...

I am sew looking forward to this!

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