Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quilter's Block Party, the Cure For Boring Guild Meetings

My brilliant friend Terri of Purple Moose Designs has invented a new game for quilt gatherings, and none too soon, I might add. If someone made me play Quilt-o one more time I was going to have to scream. Those may have been my exact words when she told me about her Quilter's Block Party card and drawing game. I'm not one to mince words and I am so excited to have had the chance to try out the game. I promise you it is more rollicking than Quilt-O. I like rollicking on any given day, don't you? And what's more rollicking than a "pictionary-type" game where you get to draw quilt block names poorly and scream out random words? Pretty much nothing.

No buttons, pennies, or M&Ms needed. On second thought, M&Ms are always needed.
 I arranged for a girls game night at my home to try it out, and had a nice group of 5-6 ladies willing to give it a go. Then my daughters announced that the school talent show was the same night I'd planned for it. Momming. It gets in the way. So I had to reschedule, and unfortunately then just two other quilters were available for the new date, so the offending parties who made us reschedule in the first place, ie my two 13 year old daughters, were pressed into service. I didn't allow them to drink wine with us, but they were just as good at the game as we ladies were. Which is not to say any of us was great, but that's what makes it more entertaining, right?

We decided to bend the rules a little and just took turns drawing while everyone else got to guess. Whoever guessed got a point. We played to 8 and the big winner was Melissa Heys of The Completed Quilt, who happens to be my neighbor and friend. I run in famous circles for sure. I can confidently say that none of us, however, is going to win any awards for artistic ability in the drawing department.

Giving new meaning to chicken legs (Wild Goose Chase)

Dunce in the Box? No, it's Jack in the Box.

I'll admit, given my daughters' history with drawing accidental genitalia, the start of this one scared me. She redeemed herself with the flowery Propellers. Must be a plane headed for Hawaii.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, of course.
 For those concerned this game might be too easy, given that block names are pretty common, I promise you the block names in each deck are certainly not all ones you've even remotely heard of; Terri dug deep into the public domain to bring us such obscure blocks as Domino Chicken Foot.
We all agreed it sounded like a disease.
Terri's giving away a fabulous prize pack with all you need for a ladies night of your own. All you need to do is visit her blog and leave a comment for the grand prize!

I'd enter for the cheese board alone, but then again I already own the card game.
Thanks for stopping by! If you've never experienced my particular brand of weird, go right ahead and keep scrolling and read a few more of my posts at your peril! I'm currently running a QAL for my newest pattern, "Vinnie Loves Maude" all summer long -and really, the posts will be there always so join any time! It's a cool looking pattern and you'll find it has so many possibilities once you get into it! Way more than I could fit in an eight page pattern, hence the quiltalong!

All you need to join in and start your own romance between Vinnie and Maude is the pattern, which Terri actually carries in her store. So easy to find! We'd love to have you along for the fun!

To enter my giveaway for the game, and a couple of fun surprises from me, leave a comment telling me a great guild program you had in your own guild that was not Quilt-o as we have established that I don't enjoy that game, or if you aren't in a guild, just tell me something fun and non quilty that you like to do in your spare time. I'm always looking for ideas!

Thank you to Terri for designing such a great game, and for letting me in on the fun!


bogeyinspired said...

We have a summer challenge. Everyone brings 1 SOLID FQ to a meeting; instructions for the summer challenge are revealed - you have to create a wall hanging or small quilt ONLY using Black and White fabrics and incorporating your 1 FQ color within. The theme is not everything is black and white and the piece needs to reflect something personal to us or going on in our lives now; presidential campaign, moving, loss, celebration, etc. I have no idea how I'll put mine together, but it will be fun to see what everything comes up with. My color was Orange; maybe a sunset because I love the beach and it's very calming, who knows!

We also play LRC, where everyone is at a different tables; the FQs go in the center; the winner takes ALL the FQ brought. It's really fun!!!

mumbird3 said...

Looking forward to Vinnie Loves Maude - have my fabrics almost picked out!!!

Slice of Pi said...

I was a member of my most local guild (45 minutes away) for one year a couple of years ago. There were never any games and "modern" quilts were very rare at sew and tell. My BQF (best quilty friend) and I are doing a round robin style quilt that I've seen many guilds do. It has been very fun and challenging! The difference is that she lives about 9.5 hours away! Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Last summer's picnic's enjoyable game was a fill-in-the-missing-letter quilt block name type game - what made it most enjoyable was that my table worked together to do so ... something of course we were told NOT to do. We were such rebels but it made it so much more enjoyable.

This game seems like it would be so much fun for our guild's summer picnic - imagine how much attention we would draw at the local park.

Laura (thequiltlady.laura@comcast.net)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry, we play Quilt-o about once a year, since we don't have any other games (yet). We're hoping to win this one, and retire Quilt-o. We're a tiny guild, so, we can't afford speakers very often. The president likes to print out quilt themed puzzles for everyone to work, at the end of the meetings. Terri's game would be lots more fun, don't you think? Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...


Rosa said...

Our family and friends summer challenge is a color party.Every summer we chose a color and dress up with it to go to the party a and this year is red.

Have a fun and amazing summer.

Kathy H said...

We have played, left, right, center for fat quarters and always have a good time.

Unknown said...

Love it!
Belonged to the Miami Valley Quilters in Dayton, Ohio when I lived there. Shari Brindley of Sharing Stitches was always coming up with good games and fun stuff to do.
In Virginia, we brought a yard of fabric and scissors. Ripped in half, passed 1 piece to next person and kept the other, next piece received, ripped in half again, passed one, kept one. This went on until we got down to about a two inch square. We were then challenged to make something using all of the fabrics and could only add one additional fabric. Was a lot of fun to do.

Unknown said...

My modern guild plays a word game like "jumble". The words are quilt related, sometimes names of the programs we've had during the year. The words are long or answer contains more than one word. Not easy, but fun.

Auntie Em said...

We play a fun game of "Left, Right, Center". Everyone puts in 3 charm squares and gets 3 chips. Depending on the roll of the dice, you either lose a chip or gain a chip. The last one holding a chip wins the stack of charm squares. We plan ahead so that each round has a theme so the winning pile of squares has something in common.

Amanda Best said...

At my guild's Christmas party we usually play a game. One of them is where someone reads a story with the words right and left in it a lot and you pass the gift you are holding to that direction when that word is read aloud. At the end of the story whatever gift you are left holding is yours. The block party pictionary game sounds like lots more fun! Thanks for the chance to win!
My email is: bestbelle2010@aol.com

Rhonda Best said...

We play Quilt Show at home.


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