Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hottie of the Year Hubba Hubba winners!

You are all so sweet to play along and vote for your favorites HOTYs the last few days. After tallying the votes using the traditional hashmark method that I cannot believe my first grader actually had as a math lesson last week, I am delighted to announce the two winners:

#2 - "Lover Not a Fighter", Randy Lynch, submitted by his wife Terri Lynch
We're all suckers for a man in uniform.


#3 "Rescued and Recycled" (I like that tagline much better than the original so I'm changing it.) Mitzi the rescue dog, submitted by her forever mom Marci Baker

Quilters seem to be animal lovers. I smell a Venn diagram coming on.
Both winners will receive the darling "Hubba Hubba" charm packs that I procured during a recent sale at Gotcha Covered Quilting. If you haven't browsed her shop, do. She's a lovely lady who has beautiful things and runs some awesome sales, so you have no excuses.

Ladies, be on the lookout for an email from me!

Today's adventure in crafting will include more staining on my trash to treasure/pallets to outdoor coffeetable project, a project which Mr QH is continuing to pooh pooh despite the fact that it is all going to be awesome. He is not properly embracing the idea of "free", IMO. Does he not know how much I NORMALLY spend on my crafting/quilting?

Perhaps it is best if he doesn't.

Anyway, I'm hoping to turn these:

Into this:

photo from
and I am actually pretty close; just one more day of stain and then the building of it and I should have it done. As a bonus, I will also be sporting disgustingly stained fingernails for a bit, I believe.


Heidi said...

That was so much fun, congrats to the winners!
Love that palette project!

Unknown said...

Congrats all! Good luck with your table!

marci357 said...

Thank you so much!!! My Grandkids will be enjoying some of the unexpected splashes of color from the charm pack! I have never actually had a charm pack - so this is all new to me. THANK YOU for the fabric and the first !!!

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