Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As much as I truly do attempt to sew for my designated design time every day, we all know life, in the form of closet cleaning, refinancing, Halloween costume making, Pinterest, laziness, and even a croupy kid home from school like we have today can all get in the way of me being the most prolific designer I can be.

I'm really good at being a prolific fabric shopper, though, and today while Greta alternates between acting like she is at death's door for 4 minutes at a time and then runs around like a nut for an hour or so - three cheers for croup! - I've been preparing yet another kit to offer at the Gathering in a few weeks with some yummers fabrics I found online at Fabric Diva.

If you are not colorblind - and if you are, I am doubly impressed at your quilting abilities even if I have never seen anything you have made - you can see that the kit will be in the black/yellow/blue theme. I had so much fun picking the fabrics and hope that this limited edition kit will sell for me! If not, I'm sure I'll find something else to do with them.

Plus you can all be very impressed by the fact that I managed to whip up this EQ drawing using the fabrics. I think I may be starting to understand that program after all.

Of course in person the fabrics are way cooler than in drawing form. But you knew that because you are smart.

If you haven't yet entered the other kit drawing, be sure to check out the previous post!  Drawing at 10pm tomorrow evening.

May the croup not be with you.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I've never used EQ....but the pattern looks very unique.

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