Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bargain hunting for dummies

Sure, I've always held "You get what you pay for" as one of my personal mantras. I totally get it that if I only pay $10 at Target for a pair of cowboy boots so that my daughter can take a riding lesson, said daughter will likely come home after one lesson wearing shreds of pleather on her feet. I totally get that "Two Buck Chuck" is not called "Charles the Scrumptious" for a reason. I also totally hate that my grocery bill is appallingly huge every week, but that that is the price to pay for being a foodie who is raising three foodies with a husband/father who can't eat a meatless meal for fear the world might end.
On the other hand, I'm a big fan of a bargain. Nothing gives me more pleasure than scoring a Groupon for our favorite French restaurant Petit Robert (aka "Small Bob"), driving 4 miles out of my way on fumes and a prayer to save 8 cents a gallon on gas, and don't get me started on my tremendous joy of living on the NH border so that I can take advantage of their lack of a state sales tax every day of my life.
But free? Free trumps all. And until last week, blogger was free. Free for me to use to update you all on my fascinating life and quilting coolness. Now I am attempting to navigate the new format and am unsure if I am even allowed to post photos for free anymore after several in my last post disappeared. I so needed this RIGHT when I was ready to get back into blogging.
So consider this a test post to see if my photos show up, and if I have to cry over needing to figure out a new plan, as well as an update on what's new here in EPQDland this week.
I'm sorry, but how cute was Greta at age almost 3? Seems as good a picture as any to test first.

This past weekend I was at Bennington Quiltfest in Vermont with Terri Sontra of Purple Moose fame. Terri, as well as being a good friend and excellent member of NEQDC, is a godsend to all bargain hunting quilters everywhere. If you have not visited her online store, Purple Moose Designs, please do. Right now. I can wait.

Insert Musak here.

Isn't it just a great store for real quilty bargains? I buy all of my needles and much of my piecing thread from her because there is no way I can find them cheaper, and every time we do a show together she has some cool new notion at an unbeatable price that I must try out. A year or so ago it was the life-changing binding tool. This year it was some Karen Kay Buckley scissors. As much as I love going to my LQS and feeling fabric and seeing it in person and loving on it, etc, I also love finding an online shop to check out in my jammies, and if it is full of great products at great prices, all the better.

A snippet or two of our booth in VT. It's like building a clown car from the outside in every time with all the stuff we've got between 6 designers, but it works.

In further bargain hunting news, I am having a heck of a time this season finding decent school shoes that are not boots and not sneakers for Paige and Eva. Since I truly don't enjoy traditional shopping as it means I must go out in public and waste precious sewing time, plus having exhausted Marshalls, Bobs, and Kohls in my quest for decent preteen footwear, I've been trying to find shoes online for them. May I introduce you all to one of my new favorite online stores, Free shipping! Cute things! SHOES THAT WORKED FOR PAIGE! One down, one to go. By the time we hit boot season I'll have something Eva can wear for fall, guaranteed.
Here's to saving money so we can buy more fabric. 

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Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

A bargain.. *swoon*.. :) Hey, I just noticed last night, too, that all of the pictures I'd previously uploaded were gone, and only the ones I uploaded fresh for that post were there. Did we receive notice of this? I was confused.

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