Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best Kind of Email part 2 - AKA "And they thought I forgot about them"

Several weeks ago (okay, maybe months) I asked/begged for photos of finished projects you have made from my designs. Because sometimes we designers just need a quick ego trip. And also I wanted to use them as the basis of my post on NEQDC's blog for June. The ego trip was nice, though, no doubt about it.

I was actually quite surprised to receive more than one photo. Not only did I get enough for the NEQDC site (Make a Designer's Day), but plenty for a post of my own (The Best Kind of Email). But the photos just kept coming, and I want to share some more today so that those quilters will also know how much I enjoy them and feel just as special and loved as they should.

First up is "Feelin' Hot Hot Pink", purchased as a kit by my non-quilting friend Lee Ann and given to her quilting mom Lorraine. (Side note, Lorraine is Greta's middle name and I never can remember if there are two r's or two n's in it. Ever. I apologize if I got it wrong here, Lee Ann's mom. Imagine how my own child feels.) Lee Ann loves bleeding hearts and was hopeful that by giving this kit to her mom for her birthday, she might get a little gift back for herself. Truly a gift that gives back. I love the addition of the pink piping border, and it especially makes me happy that she used one of my favorite cheapo tricks and used up the background fabrics to make a scrappy binding.

Nice work, Lor(r)ain(n)e!

This version of "Quite Contrary", made by Kyle M. of Texas, is to die for. Those fabrics make me want to grab a spoon and eat them.

Delish. And I love the fence used as backdrop. So quilty kitchsy fun.

This next woman slays me. Merlene T. was in the audience of my "Plays Well With Others" lecture at A Quilter's Sampler back in May. She became obsessed with the little quilt I made in the debut of my "Round Robin in a Day" workshop a couple of years ago. Now, hotties, this workshop is not for the faint of heart, as you have no idea what you will end up taking home, but it is way fun to create an entire quilt for every workshop participant in 6 hours. Anyway, I chose some terribly blendy fabrics for people to use on mine, so although the other quilters did some great stuff the fabrics were not their friends, but I show it anyway.

Well, Merlene loved the quilt so much she made a special trip down to the show the next day just so she could beg me in person to send her a photo so she could recreate it herself. How could I not send it to her? Less than a week later, she sent me a photo of her interpretation, which is way better than mine.

Seriously, hw awesome is she, and can I convince her to be president of my fan club?

I know I am not the only designer to be tickled when someone sends me a photo. Don't be shy - consider showing off what you made and I know they will thank you!

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Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Oh my goodness.. if you are going to eat that Quite Contrary quilt with a spoon, you are going to have to kick me out of the way first. lol It is soo gorgeous. I love the colors. Are you in MN eating Spam Ball now? OH! Guess what I did? I made a Rainbow Ball block last night. A real one! I will blog a pic of it soon. I'm in love with it. Thanks for sharing you talent. :o)

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