Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poached? Fried? How about Stuffed?

I do not think Mark Lipinski sleeps, so prolific is he about scouring the internet to bring his FB fans 569 new projects a day to keep us too busy to die. Most of the time, I just go, "Hmmmm. Cute. But I'm not doing that because it involves a trip to the store/I don't own enough buttons/blue food is outlawed in my home, etc", but last week he posted a photo and link to a tutorial ( by Retro Mama on these adorable fabric Easter eggs.

Which, by the way, I would like to point out he typo-ed as Eater eggs, which I loved because for those who give up something joyous in the food realm for Lent, that's an awesome typo.

I decided to go for it and make some.

They really are so cute. My biggest problem, though, is I don't have the cute basket she had to put them in, so now I'm throwing them anywhere I can think of to show them off.

On the candlesticks?

On the mantle?

Neither location is working for me. But neither is the random glass bowl on the dining table, because certain short people who live here think it appropriate to touch them during dinner.

I'd also like to know how on earth Retro Mama made hers so firm looking. Mine are stuffed to the hilt and still fairly lumpy. But here is yet another place where my mantra of "everything looks great from 15 feet away" applies.

In any case, they are a vast improvement over those horrid plastic eggs that are the bane of my existence every Easter.

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meg said...

Best thing about these eggs is you can hide 'em and not worry about the odiferous reminder you'd get in a few weeks if you didn't find one. Not that something like that ever happened to me...

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