Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trick or Treat! I'm dressed as a Technologic Wonderkind.

It is a well documented fact among everyone who has ever met me, even briefly on the street, that I would have been an excellent 1950s housewife. Not, mind you, because I keep the perfect home, keep my children stain-free, mannerly, and unrumpled, and greet my husband each evening precisely at 5pm with a martini while wearing pearls. Hardly. More because my level of technological awareness and understanding is more suited to a typewriter and adding machine than iPads and Nooks (0f which I own neither, although the former is on the horizon and I believe the latter should be outlawed, but that is another post for another time). Thankfully, I married a man who was raised by a lovely couple who still do not have cable television and only recently got a tv with a remote. So he gets me.

"Syncopated Ribbons"

Now available for download on

(Side note - our local grocery store is currently running a "Recycle your Electronics" campaign - Give us your old electronics, we'll give you a gift card. Joe and I just about needed Depends while we were reading the list of things they would accept for recycle, because every one of them was way more fancy than anything we own. You know that commercial where the family comes home and the house was robbed but the thieves left the computer? That's us. We're actually quite hopeful that we will be the charity to which all the recycled electronics will be donated.)

"Greta's Kaleidoscope"

Now available for download on

So taking all of this into consideration, most of you should be sitting down when I make this announcement: I've not only had a quilt in a downloadable magazine this month ( if you missed my previous post) but I now have three of my patterns available from PatternSpot, a downloadable pattern marketplace run by C&T publishing. I know. I too worry that I have actually been taken over by alien beings. - there I am, with my three patterns.

Traditionally, I've been wary of the downloadable pattern. Not only does it rely soully upon the t-word, but for someone like me who likes to actually touch and feel my books and patterns on paper, it was way too bizarre to think about actually keeping them on a computer file. Or making a consumer print out their own pattern. The horror. But hey, times, they are a-changing, and it is time for me to move into the 20th century. (Not a typo, btw. :) ) is a gorgeous website full of fantastic patterns for all different skill levels by tons of designers all available at the press of your enter key (and a few other keys, like your paypal account access and/or cc for payment, but really, that's just details). I love the way the designer photos are all in B/W, too. Not only does it look classy, but it really hides a myriad of skin and/or brassy hair color imperfections. Speaking for myself, anyway.

"Confetti Toss"

Now available for download from

The patterns I chose to include for starters at are three from either my "holy cow this is so easy my four year old could do it (or at least pick out the fabrics)" collection of designs or my "wow I am letting loose and having a ball without having to worry about matching any points or making my seams exactly 1/4 - are the quilt police banging on my door yet?" collection of designs. I choose these three because they are fun, they are relatively quick, and they don't contain any templates, so they were easy for me to upload and know the directions should be just fine. When I get braver I'll add some from my collection of "easy machine piecing and embellishing - lots of wow with little fuss" designs.

Please visit the website, even if you don't look at my page. But hey, while you are there, check that one out too just to humor me. Happy downloading!

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