Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating quilting through unifocal lenses

Yeah, I have no idea if that is a word or not either.

I'm here today to announce that at 6:30am tomorrow, 5/25, I'll be the guest blog post for the week at www.quiltinggallery.com. And that blog post celebrates the joys of discovering quilting at a younger age, something that many of us, even if we are a bit past being able to firmly place ourselves in the younger quilter realm, can relate to because we were there once. So whether you are currently a quilter under 45, or under 35, or under 25, or once were a quilter under those ages, please stop by Quilting Gallery (either click on the link above or on the image in the left sidebar) and check it out!

As part of the fun, I'm giving away a kit for my "Funky Tree Farm" quilt, which is featured in the post. You just have to post a (kind) comment on the Quilting Gallery site under my post to be entered. You are always welcome to post comments here, too, but they won't be entered for the drawing.

I'm off to enjoy the waning days of my pre-bifocal life, myself.

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