Saturday, November 13, 2010

A contest made for cheap quilters like me - Win an Accuquilt Go! system from

Let me start by saying you hotties have no idea how dedicated I am to your quilting happiness. I just left my husband poolside in Jekyll Island GA to come up to my balcony to post this blog before the contest ends. I can still see him down there, sipping a beer and reading his book....only the fact that he is wearing a ridiculous tourist/I have no fashion skills outfit of bathing suit, tee shirt, socks, and sneakers, is keeping me from throwing aside the computer and returning to his side before some other hottie, quilting or not, claims him. But trust me ladies, based on this outfit selection, I think he is safely all mine.

Anyway, has anyone heard about this giveaway yet? You can check out all the details at, but here is the basic deal. You go check out and pick three of your favorite dies, head on back to the quiltwoman blog (that's the one I linked in the last sentence for your convenience. Aren't I fabulous?) and leave a comment telling them which three dies from the selection of lots of them you love the best. That's it. You are then officially entered.

But wait....there's more! You can enter AGAIN if you have a blog of your own and advertise the contest on it (yep, that's what I'm doing here. I'm unashamed to admit I am giving a baldfaced plug), advertise it on FB, twitter it, whatever! Just get the word out somehow, tell them how you did, and you can enter again.

I cannot speak for the wonders of the AccuQuilt firsthand because I am truly one of the cheapest quilters I know. I sometimes freak out at the cost of a rotary blade (although yes, I do replace them when needed. Most of the time.) so the steepish pricetag of the AccuQuilt Go has definitely kept me at bay. However, I did have a great demo of one at AccuQuilt's booth at Spring Market and it really does look like a lot of fun. I have heard many great things about it from people who do own one, and it is definitely worth a look, a comment or two, and a prayer to attempt to win one for sure!

So go check it out and please, if you win, do let me know that my sending you there was the reason you won. I will feel so good about myself for having done a good deed for, while at the same time seething with ugly jealousy that you have a new toy to play with, and I am stuck with one who won't wear proper shoes to a pool.

Until later!

1 comment:

Dayquilt said...

Just surfing your blog and I found this entry. I won this GO cutter, if you'd like to play with it sometime, I'll let you. Hope you're still having fun with your fashion-clueless toy!

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