Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Hour just got way happier

Oh my goodness. I just found out that apparently my little blog was selected this afternoon as "Blog of the Week" by the American Quilter's Society. I am amazed and astounded that such a group took the time to read a few entries, and yes, AQS Facebook team, I do insist that you send me a photo of all of you - and your American Girls, if applicable - hanging out in your jammies and sleep masks soon. Thanks for the shout out!

So those of you who may be new here thanks to their post - WELCOME! It won't take long for you to learn I don't take myself or the techniques side of quilting terribly seriously. I'm in this business to have fun and to make sure everyone else does too. I hope there is something for everyone here, and I hope everyone can find something to make them smile.

  • Does your husband have absolutely no inner GPS when it comes to locating objects? Scroll down just a bit to the post called "You Can Lead a Husband to Your Stash...." I think you'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

  • Ever wanted to know exactly how hard it is for a fairly computer illiterate to create a her first pattern using EQ? Check out any of the posts with "Diamond Dazzle" in the title from February to April 2011. You too may need a Motrin after reading.

  • Have small children that prevent you from quilting as much as you like? Check out "Mother Nature, You're Killing Me" wherein I give up and cry uncle to winter and snowdays.

  • Ever decided to teach a too large group of children anything at all? Then you must read the "Fun With Fabric" posts in October and November 2010. They will cure you of any thoughts of ever trying such a thing again.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope to see you back soon!

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