Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Will You Join the January Jumpstart Scrappy Block Swap?

So.....what do all these lovely quilty-type specimens have in common, besides being some of my more popular pattern titles?

They all started life as a January scrappy group project, with me begging here there and everywhere for enough people to make a few blocks, test my directions, and allow me to use one of your blocks in my cover quilt. I'm thrilled that each year I get some repeat participants, and even more thrilled to add newbies to the fun each year. And every year I am able to put the blocks together into a stunning, vibrant, and way fun new design. I truly love them all like they are my babies. Sometimes more than my real babies, depending on teen angst level at the time.

Well, it's January. So here I am begging. This year's group project has been renamed the January Jumpstart by a clever follower and here's hoping your scrap bins overfloweth and you'll be jumping on the bandwagon.

The working name for this scrappy piece of fun is "Tiara," because it's a little crown-y and don't we all need a tiara now and then?

So here are the basic details:

Each participant will be given directions to make the block. They will make four blocks, one of which MUST be in the color palette I specify in the directions. All four blocks will be sent to me by January 27, the one fitting my color palette will be used in the group quilt I will put together as a cover quilt for a new pattern, the other three blocks will be swapped randomly among the participants and sent along with a copy of the new pattern, featuring participant blocks on the cover and participant names as testers within.

New this year is a secret facebook page for all participants; totally optional to join, but I thought I'd give it a go as it might come in handy for asking questions about fabric choices, unclear directions (as if), and showing off finished blocks.

All details and directions will be sent upon request. If you've got some time, you like making scrappy blocks, and you'd like to participate, all you must do is send me an email at and I'll get you started!

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